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I feel like a lot of people think Social Media is, well over rated. Is it? It could be. Maybe it is not.

Is Social Media A Fad?


I feel like a lot of people think Social Media is, well over rated. Is it? It could be. Maybe it is not.

You hear a lot of Social Media this. Social Networking that. New Media..Old Media…blah blah blah. All these terms being thrown around to describe this new way of marketing, bonding, selling and such.  It makes you wonder is it a fad? Will it go the way of the pet rock and Crocs?

I reached out to my network and asked a simple question: “Is Social Media A Fad?” I got a lot of responses on this,  alot! I thought I would share some of them with you in list form. People like lists.

Donny Rhoades, Internet marketing Coordinator for the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin:

Not at all, simple communication en masse or privately among people has almost been adopted by everyone. Social media is a better tool with which we communicate our personal message or our company’s value. Perhaps the fads are the platforms and the applications themselves. It seems like the popularity in each of them quickly spikes and then levels out. Much of the buzz continues to brew because social media continues to evolve other forms of media (i.e. the news is generated and spread much quicker as a result of the widespread adoption of social media).

Paul Charlebois, Chief Experience Officer at Phresh Communications:

NO!!! A resounding NO! A thousand, nay million, nay hundred million NOs! As it stands, Facebook is the fourth largest nation in the world. Social media is much like the markets of old where people would gather and sell their wares, enjoy conversation, share stories and get news. Social media combines many of the best aspects of newspaper, radio, television and more with the added value of having connectivity to your colleagues and friends. Perhaps some of the tools we consider to be social media such as facebook, twitter and dare i say it, linkedin, will change or even fall to the wayside, much like myspace did a few years ago. But the theory of social media is founded on the basis that people want to connect with other people. This will never change – we have a basic human need to feel connected and have community in our lives. Viva la society!

Steve Cunningham, CEO of digital marketing agency. Social media book reviewer for @mashable. Write for @bizmore:

I think Clay Shirky said it best in his TED talk ( and probably the most insightful 15 minutes ever spent on the topic): “The choice we face, anybody who wants to have a message heard anywhere in the world, isn’t whether or not that’s the media environment we want to operate in, that’s the media environment we’ve got. The question we all face now is how can we all make best use of this medium.”

Ryan Helmstetler, Account Executive

No, social media has been around for years. The general public is now embracing social media as part of their lives. The biggest question for most client’s is ROI, effect campaigns produce results. Don’t believe me about ROI, I was given a project to sell modular homes through my client’s FB page, and just today we sold a home by lead generation though the FB page.

Jayne Cravens, International Development Management Coyote Communications

The term, yes, most definitely. No one is doing things online that wasn’t being done back in even the late 1980s via USENET. So much of the breathless rhetoric now about what’s supposedly happening online is EXACTLY the same as what was said about, say, The Well (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_WELL) and various First Class Client communities set up for cities throughout Silicon Valley. That said, when the Web came along, a lot of newcomers to the Internet used it only as an online brochure, and they didn’t think of the Internet as Interactive beyond email. The “older” people all over so-called “social media” were people who loved IM in the early part of the last decade — remember when everyone was breathless about that? But it was Friendster, then MySpace, then Facebook, etc., that got more of the general public focused on more dynamic content and quickie interactions. I have yet to see any real rule changes as far as online communications — I’ve been reading things written back in the 1990s, and have laughed out loud — it’s all the same thing! So, what fad term will be used to rebrand the Internet next?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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