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…But I Want My Video To Go Viral!

…But I Want My Video To Go Viral!

“Will this video go viral?”

“How soon till this video goes viral?”

” His video went viral, what about mine?”

If I got a nickel for everytime someone contacts me asking, “What do I have to do to make this video  go viral?” Its  got to be one of those classic lines social media folks get. Right up there with, “How do I measure social media results and what is twitter?” (these questions will be answered in upcoming posts).

So the answer to this question? Let us keep in mind that this answer is not limited to video. It can be a blog post, podcast, (insert media type here).

Well lets start with there is no simple answer. Its about timing, community, the message, oh and….Content. That maybe the simplest and best answer. …Content.

Content is King.

If your putting something out there that is amazing, well done and grabs people, then you have a better chance of going viral.

If your putting something that is just Blah, well then that’s what your going to get back.

My friend Tim Street, who is the brains behind French Maid TV, shared with me a simple secret to help increase the odds of a video going viral. He says ” A video must make you feel at least two emotions to go viral.” Be it sadness, happiness, anger, love, etc, etc. I think he is dead on with that. So my tips for things you should do to help a video go viral? Let me share them in list form, people like lists:

-Feel at least two emotions (thank you Tim.)

-Its got to be simple to share. So have  the sharing tools already embedded and available for the person. A simple tool like ShareThis will do it all.

-Its got to be simple. Something Straight and to the point. Do not make people think to hard.

-If they share it what is in it for them? Maybe making their friends laugh? Could it be helping a cause they believe in? Are they maybe getting linklove?(Wait for upcoming blog post to explain linklove)

-Timing. I believe the time of day and day of the week play into the release of a video too. If you do it at night people may be sleeping, but they check webpages in the morning and forward things on. Then you need to factor in other countries too. Remember we need to think global, not local sometimes.

Again, I use videos as the example but it about content in general.



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Why Voting Is So Important

Video.. its a powerful tool. I thought I would share with you a video LSF Interactive is directly involved with. Its a video about why you should vote. This 1:42 video sends a powerful message. Here take a look:

This video should make you want to take action. Make you to want to get involved. Make you well…want to vote. I think it does all these things. This is a great example of social media being used with a specific purpose and a specific message.  The hope here is that you will take action and of course forward and share the video.

What do you think? Is this a great way to send a message? Does it make you want to take action?

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Social Media And NBC's The Today Show

Social Media And NBC's The Today Show

We hear all this, chatter(get it chatter..newmediachatter? Anyway…) about the power of social media.  Why newspapers, TV and radio should be scared. Why they need to keep up with the times. How people are getting their information from other places. Oh and how they are interacting directly with the companies, the brands and of course the people.

So check this out.

About a year ago NBC did a profile on me regarding my work in virtual worlds. (Yes, virtual worlds are part of the whole social media world and just not for kids.)  In all of NBC’s wisdom they sent correspondent Peter Alexander to meet with me and do the interview. Well, it seems that Peter and I hit off (or I just stalk him) and still chat till this day. Our relationship grew and we decided to take the next logical step. We became Facebook friends. (I asked him.)

In September 2008, NBC sent Peter to the Arctic for a 10 day cruise. Well, when it was all said and done it was 23 days. Yes he was stuck on a boat in the Arctic for 23 days! You can read about this great adventure here. But this lovely trip is not the point of my blog, nor am I bragging I know Peter, (lord knows that’s not worth bragging about.)

It seems one can be stuck in the Arctic for 23 days and not be able to get off the ship, but you still can have internet.


Anyway, Peter would go on to Facebook and update us on his status and what he was doing. Like the great food, the damaged Ipod, the Search and Rescue that caused them to miss  1 of 5 chances to get off the ship. He would share little pieces of information and post comments back. At one point a Free Peter Alexander Group was even created. Yet as I watched the Today Show on NBC they never once mentioned Peter’s situation.  Until around day 19.

On Day 19 Meredith and Matt teased they would be sharing where Peter has been for past 2 1/2 weeks. Then it hit me… I know exactly where he has been. What he has been doing. How frustrated he is. Heck, I have talked to him this week via walls posts. Have you Matt?

When they brought Peter on air, he told about why he was there, when he left, how he got stuck thanks to weather, the search and rescue and more. I knew all this already I thought. This is old news. Heck, I knew more then Matt and Meredith. This is well.. old news.

So my point? Well, Social Media heck, Facebook has allowed me to know where Peter was, what he was doing, how he felt, share the experience and talk to him better, faster and more vested then TV ever will.

Oh, Matt… Meredith, Peter got home on day 23.  I know his situation was not truly news worthy, but I have become vested in it and you have not updated the viewers. Lastley, NBC missed a great way to engage their views, oh the things they could of done via social media while Peter was stuck….

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How To Learn About Social Media In 3 Easy Steps

How To Learn About Social Media In 3 Easy Steps

Today I read a great post  by Sean Bohan on one of my favorite topics the “Social Media Expert”.  Sean asked the question, “Do Experts Matter”? (As we get to know each better, one thing you will learn about me is I don’t like the term “Social Media Expert”).  This field of Social & New Media is changing everyday and every moment. There are people right now creating web sites, tools and widgets that will change the field. These things will make you go “Wow, why did I not think about that?”  What is hot at 10:00 am may have crashed at 12:00 and been replaced by something else. All one can do is try to keep up by being part of the community.

How does one keep up with all this information?  Do you really need a “Social Media Expert” to help you understand this new space? People hire social media consultants to teach them how to use soical networking tools and establish their brands online. Do you need to this? Maybe, not everyone is cut out to be a consultant.  But you can learn a lot on your own. You can do this really easy, simple and fast.

Here are the simple steps, I will put it in list form, people like lists.

-Setup a Facebook and Linkedin account

- Join Twitter

-Join the conversation by commenting, asking questions and giving back.

Bonus step:

-Dare to be on FriendFeed ( I know its scary but you can do it.)

Thats it. Heck you too can be a Social Media Consultant if you want to. (note: I did not use the term expert.)

Wonder if I just posted my way out of a job?<-->

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The First Post Is Always The Hardest

The First Post Is Always The Hardest

The first time is always the hardest. I have been going back and forth about what this post should be about. Should I just dive right into talking about New Media or  Social Media? Heck isn’t it all under the same umbrella? Maybe I should start with who I am and what my background is? Nah, that’s all on the About Dave page.  Oh I know I can roll out a huge big post about something cutting edge and exciting in the space! No, its a slow week everyone is heading to Blogworld 2008 anyway. I could list what this blog is about, what I want to accomplish. Hey that’s not bad. Maybe I should do it in list form. People do like lists.

So in no particular order, I give you the goals, hopes, and dreams I want for New Media Chatter:

-For all of us to learn more about this space called New Media. ( I plan on learning from you too!)

-To pass on the tools needed for people to learn how to brand themselves in this new age of social media

-I want to start discussions and conversations about New Media, make us all think.

- To point you to people, websites and events where you can learn more and network with.

-A place where you can come to get the latest trends in the industry.

I hope this is not to deep or mushy for the first post. Heck, I hope I didn’t scare you off, I want you to subscribe to this blog!

So look at that, the first post is over. Great.. now we can get down to business and starting talking about New Media.

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