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Things I Do Not Like About Social Media

Things I Do Not Like About Social Media

So in theory I am always suppose to write positive comments about Social Media. You know all the good things, why it is great. How it can help you and your brand.  Well today I thought I would try something different.  Sharing with you things I do not like about Social Media.  I think I will share these annoying things with you in list form. People like lists!


-Twitter Auto Direct Messages. Hate them! These annoying little DM’s with generic things like:

“I’m just a squirrel trying to find a nut in all this mess. In fact, I might just be a blind squirrel. And I’ve got nothing to sell you, link to you, or show you. I’m tired of all that other junk, aren’t you?”

Huh? Whats that all about? Why do I need to know this? ( I did not post a screen shot to save this person embarrassment)


-Getting random friend request on Facebook.  Now, so you do not call me a hypocrite, I have a lot of friends on facebook. These are people I added that I just did not know.  I stopped doing that about 8 months ago.  I had a moment where I started sharing personal photos and got comments that were just not cool from people I did not know. That being said, I get about 10 friend requests a week from people I just do not know. We will have no friends in common, yet they want to friend me.  It bugs. If friends are so important get a fanpage for your personal brand.

-Being judged on the number of Friends/Followers/Fans. What the heck? It is not a competition.  Maybe that is why people do the above random friend requests. I hate the question ” How many people are you friends with? How many fans do you have? How many subscribers do you have? How many people do you plurk with? ” It is like you are being judged on how successful you are based on your personal worth by these numbers.  It sounds cliche but I really do believe in “Quality vs Quantity” when it comes to those things.  Yes, I know advertisers care about it, but we all are not here for that reason. (Yes, I am part of Ad.ly)


-People/Companies that are all about themselves, their  brand, what they do with no interaction.. it is called SOCIAL media. Your suppose to be social. Talk with the community not at. I am talking to you CBS The Early Show, Sarah Silverman and McDonalds. (Yes McDonald’s you have over 1 million fans on FB. You should still talk with the community.)

-What drives you nuts about Social Media?

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Why I Am Thankful For Social Media & The Community It Gave Me

Why I Am Thankful For Social Media & The Community It Gave Me


Yes, it is that time of year. When you sit around the dinner table with your friends and family. A warm fire is burning inside. The nip is in the air. Your just enjoying the moment and sipping some warm apple cider.


I live in California. Its more like this. I am sitting around the table. The  air conditioning is on, I am in shorts. I just finished  a Corona ( I like mine with lime).  Football is on and whatever team I want to win is losing.

So now that the Hallmark moment is over, let me tell you why I am thankful for Social Media and the Community it gave me. I will do this in list form, as people like lists.

-. I now have thousands of people I can reach out to when I need something. Take this blog post. I had total writers block today. I reached out and Colby Gergen said ” How about why you are thankful for social media? I think it’s that time of year…” and here you go!

-I learn something new everyday about the world. The amount of information and knowledge I get is just off the hook.  I know anything I need is out there for me to find. Wanna learn about lepercons ? The information is out there. Wanna learn about marketing? Its out there. I can find that information. BUT with  that being said, I am learning about things I am not looking to learn about.  Huh? I now know where random small cities are, cause people in my community live there. I learn about things like science, art and plants. All because people share this in my network.

-Need to raise money for a friend in need like Liz Strauss? Create a fund and people will help like they did for the The Get Well Liz Strauss Fund

Then there are the simple things I am thankful to my community for  like:

-The way I can travel to a city, get lost and ask for help via a social networking site. Within minutes I will have 50 replies with directions, information or even a phone number to call for directions. Plus someone in my community more then likely lives there.

-When I type up a blog post and need someone to review it, I post the link and get instant criticism and corrections. Keeping in mind I only asked for spelling help 🙂

-When I want to kill some time, bored waiting at the dentist, there is an unlimited number of people to chat with.

-Telling me what movie to see when I cant decide.

-I want something different for dinner and I need a recipe, they are there

-I just want a good laugh.. they can give me one.

-I have something bugging me and want to vent. They are there for me.

-I have an urgent message I want to pass on or breaking news. They pass it on for me.

The list can go on and on. So I ask you this, my community.

What are you thankful to Social Media for?

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What The Heck Is Social Media?

What The Heck Is Social Media?

Social Media Bandwagon

The question seems simple right? What is Social Media.. well that is easy.  The definition of Social Media per Wikipedia  is:

“Social Media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media supports the human need for social interaction, using Internet- and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers. Some  define social media as “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content.

Makes sense right?

Ya right! That was a mouth full. I do not know about you but I find the above way to deep and complicated. So I reached out to my community and asked them how they would define the term Social Media.  I got lots of amazing answers some longer then the wikipedia version, others shorter. .  I thought it would be fun to  provide you some of them in list form, because well people like lists.

I asked: “What exactly is Social Media?” and “How Would You Define Social Media To Someone in 140 characters or less?”

Susan Crawford, Internet Strategist : “Although you may be hearing a lot of buzz words like Twitter, Flutter, WordPress, or Facebook, “social media” refers to the plethora of ways you can network online — around blogs, member boards, social causes, kindred spirits (such as sports clubs), issues/editorials, and reviews. You can add your opinion, offer your perspective, clarify a question, share your experience, propose proven solution, lend credibility, or just sympathize wherever people congregate. Just jump in. Listen first. Get a feel for that specific community then join in – frequently. Be conversation (postings of purely headlines are not well tolerated).

The next thing you’re are probably hearing is about the ‘social media time suck.’ This refers to the time it takes to write fresh and relevant postings in all your social media places. Time suck is at its worst if you don’t have an intentional social media strategy. You may want to consider Posterous or Ping which are services that can place one posting across all your social accounts simultaneously. “It is better to be a part of social media than apart from social media.”

Apeksha Bobe, Marcom Professionals :  “Social media is all about increasing your touch points with ‘potential’ consumers. It is creating a ripple effect that boosts brand recognition.
For example, a company Facebook page can be shared among thousands of friends. Those friends can share with their friends, increasing brand awareness for the company.
Its also about increasing your visibility. Aside from appearing cool and innovative, engaging in social media builds trust with consumers. ” It is a NECESSITY today.

Keith Burtis, Keith Burtis Consulting: “Social Media in my opinion is a white board, a blank slate where companies and individuals have the ability to use a myriad of tools including audio, video, and text to effectively communicate, engage, educate, market, and share ideas in a way that is strategically advantageous to the objective of that business, brand or individual.”

Meez/Swaggerdap.com: “Social media is interactive content.”

-Brigitte Goddemeyer:” Getting authentic transparent messages to a world’s transparent audience”

Sonia Carreno, Passage Communications: “Online channels for self-promotion and connectivity + ability to sort “friends” and speak to them according to sort structure.”

Jonathan Silverman, GSA Business Development: “On a business level, it is a ‘new’ (perhaps not so new as each day passes) form of communication that will grow in importance as it gains ever more traction. It will become the primary and most intimate means of business to business and business to consumer communication. It is already forcing marketers to re-evaluate the way brands interact with their customer audiences and potential customers. On a personal level it offers means to connect and reconnect, to play, to belong and to network.”

Annie Sorensen, : “Easy answer…Contributing & Caring.”

How would you define Social Media?

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7 More Tips For Small Businesses Using Social Media

7 More Tips For Small Businesses Using Social Media


Ask and you shall receive!  I’m easy that way.  After I posted 6 Ways Social Media Can Help A Local Business a while back, I got a lot of requests for more tips.  So by request, I bring you more tips on how a small or local business can use social media. I shall share these tips with you in list form. As people like lists and they are fun.

Change your brand/companies message to fit the social network you are on.  So you may post “@pizza is here to help with  all your pizza needs” on Twitter.  Well that will not fly on say Plurk or youtube. (Always have to work Plurk into a blog post, it is just fun to say.) Make sure you know the basic ins/outs of the site you are on. Think of it as when you travel to a different country. There are different customs in each you should follow. Things you do and things you do not. (This actually is good practice for any size business or brand.)

Cool it with the cross posting. For those of you do not know let me give you the definition of cross posting. It is when you take the same single message and post it on multiple social networks and forums.  Sure it makes your life easier one post that hits many websites. I get it. The problem is that the same people may follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, etc. You need to mix it up. I promise you that if you post the same message to all your networks, you will lose people from your community. Also, I think posting a link on Facebook directly looks a lot better then just placing the url.

Time Shift your messages. So when you want to post about a special going on or a blog post you just wrote, do it on different days at different times.  Some people may be online at 10:00 am others may be on at 4:00 pm. Thus, they maybe more likely to respond and see your message at different times. Play around with it and mix it up. Personally,  I have had a lot of success updating my networks late at night. It allows me to get the attention of people I may never have.

Do not post the same exact message over and over. Just last week Twitter has begun enforcing the TOS of not allowing recurring Tweets on Twitter Accounts. Why? Its annoying, plain and simple.  Though I do not see why you can not mix up the message and tweak it throughout the day. I have used Tweetlater aka Socialoomph with much success.(No doubt I’m going to get some nasty comments about my thoughts on this one.)

What is in it for the customer? Part 1 Have online discounts and promotions. I always get clients who say ” I want millions of Twitter followers” or ” I want everyone to join my fanpage.”  My response is ” What is in it for them?”  Why should they follow you  and fan you? You need to give them something back. It can be a coupon code, a special time sensitive discount, or even early bird passes. There needs to be something in it for them.

What is in it for the customer? Part 2. In reference to the above item, you don’t have to just give specials and discounts. It could be insight to why your company does what it does. Maybe behind the scenes videos, podcasts or blog posts. You can communicate directly to people who follow/fan you, so do it!! Make them know your listening by talking to them. This has value sometimes that is worth more the items in Part 1.

There is more to social media then Twitter & Facebook. There I said it. Heck this should be a blog post by itself. (Actually I think this will be my next post.) If you targeting people who like wine, find a social network about wine. You want to sell comic books, there is a site for that. Heck.. just check out  Ning you can find anything.

BONUS: So let us say your company is  Ed’s Vacuum Cleaner Repair. Why not start a Fan Page, Twitter Feed, or Ning site about Vacuum cleaners? Create an online community for people you know will have a need/like for your product! Bottom line: If you cant find it online, create it yourself!

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Was That An Ad I Saw In Your Twitter Feed?

Was That An Ad I Saw In Your Twitter Feed?

Why yes it was an add. Did you notice?

Yep, I got paid to have this ad run in my Twitter feed one time.

A company called Ad.ly approached me about signing up to have these ads run in my feed. After reading an article in Time Magazine about “Sponsored Tweets” about what Ted Murphy at Izea was doing, I thought why not?

Am I sell out? Am I going against everything that Twitter is about? Will you stop following people who do it? I  am very curious what you guys think about it. I have already been approached to do it again.

Here is the Ad:


Oh and it seems celebrities are doing it as well. Here look:


Now you might have noticed the (ad) at the end of the tweet. That is so people, who pay attention notice that it is an ad, not my tweet. Though I wonder how many people notice.

These are the celebs that have signed up to be part of it with Ad.ly:


Is this the sign of things to come?

Oh and Steve Coulson, remember about 2 years ago for an April Fools Joke, you pranked everyone with a company that would pay for tweets? It has become a reality….

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Twitter Is Stuck

Twitter Is Stuck

Seems Twitter is broke…again. Boy do I have some ideas how to spend all that money they keep getting. I actually went to Twitter.com to check things out, instead of using Tweetdeck. (does anyone go to the site anymore?)  This is what I saw:


Guess I lost all my followers and following. I think there are more problems then just being stuck in time..

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The 140 Twitter Conference.. For The Win!

The 140 Twitter Conference.. For The Win!

Tony Robbins (photo credit Jim Alden(@techfrog)

Tony Robbins (photo credit Jim Alden(@techfrog)

I’mmmmmm back! Miss me? Guess it is kind of hard for me to be gone when I am Tweeting and Facebooking all the time. So for those of you who do not know, I just got back from The 140tc conference in Los Angeles. To sum it up, excuse my french, it was “KICK ASS!” It was possibly hands down one of the most insightful, and educational events that  I have attended in a long while.  It was also an amazing networking event for making great connections. Oh and it was.. fun! I thought it would be great to share some of the things from the event. I will do this in list form, because, well people like lists. So in no particular order here you go:


-Well, this is not something that happened at the event, but for the record. I was invited to speak at this event. So this post has nothing to do with that. If I spoke at the event and did not like it, I would tell you. Heck, just ask the New Media Expo folks last year. I wrote a “not so nice” blog about them , which I am too lazy to link to.

Biz Stone Keynote: Instead of being short and sweet or with his crew, Biz gave great insight to the history of Twitter and how things happened. He spoke for 40 minutes! No, he did not take questions and was gone fast. I think he left skid marks on the floor.

Gavin Newsom is one cool dude. His wife just had a baby and could not make it to the conference, heck, he still had the hospital band on. So he used Skype video to chat about Twitter and how the city of San Francisco uses it. Well done.


Gavin Newsom via Skype

-The comedy panel was great and was well.. HIJACKED by The Iron Sheik. Seems he decided he wanted to be part of the conference and jumped on the panel. Most of what the Sheik said started with “F***”  and ended with “Hulk Hogan”. Oh, and I personally really enjoyed Loni Love and Chris Hardwick. Both Loni and Chris took the time to talk for a while. Oh and both are wicked funny and witty.

Chris Hardwick and Loni Love

Chris Hardwick and Loni Love


-The Dr Drew panel was one of my favorites. I went in there thinking “a bunch of celebs, what are they going to say worth learning?’  Boy was I wrong. It was fascinating to learn how they use it, what they get out of it, their end goals.  Dr Drew  brought up how regular folks were using Twitter, then Hollywood rushes in and gets hundreds of thousands of followers and they move to top of the heap, per say.  Seems that the Celebs feel the same way about Ellen as we do about them he joked. He really put them on the spot, which made this a successful panel.  Also, I enjoyed how they hung out with everyone after the panels, took photos and joined the after party.

-The Tony Robbins Keynote. The guy was amazing. He did not talk long at all, only about 120+ minutes. Okay, maybe just a little too long. Yet, he was worth it. I’m not one for “inspirational and self help stuff(no doubt I need it) but he won me over. I may need to buy one of his books. Oh and the thing I liked the best. He tied his presentation into Twitter. He talked about how he uses it, why he uses it, etc.

-Oh and everyone of the celebs does not have someone post for them. They all do it themselves. None of them will allow someone to do it for them.

-Causes and Campaigns panel. Great stuff. Really insightful stuff on how Twitter is used to spread the word, rally the troops, help others and do good.

-Growing your brand panel. Lead by Guy Kawasaki with one goal.. get the Kogibbq truck to the event for lunch. The Kogibbq guy almost pulled it off if  it was not for the permits. Oh and Guy, don’t call a panelist business “A Roach Coach”. Im thinking that is not a great move in branding.. I’m just saying. Oh and great insights by Brad Nelson of Starbucks

Pee We Herman. Let the article explain it, you can read about it here.

-The oneforty store launched. Pretty cool. An appstore that offers hundreds of applications built on the Twitter API

TidyTweet . It along with 6 other applications presented to the judges for the right to demo to the conference as a whole.(I was one of the three judges.)

The Today Show. So here is a great example of the power of Twitter. On my panel I gave an example of the number of followers The CBS Early Show has Vs. NBC’s The Today Show. In short I gave praise to NBC. Not even an hour after I am done. I get a Direct Message from The Today Show with their phone number. 10 minutes later I am talking to New York one of the people behind the Today Show Twitter Feed. He had been watching Twitter and saw the tweets about The Today Show.  How cool is that? I still am amazed about things like that. Oh and.. CBS..tweet me , you need help.

-So I know I talked about the celebs a lot, but there was more to this event. The panels on brand building, brand growing, social crm and more were great. They had the right mix of both areas to make this a good event.

-Now for some random shout outs: Well done Steve Broback! You too Jason Preston (though we never meet). Krystyl best travel buddy ever, except for the cookie incident.  AdventureGirl and Phil.. thanks for feeding me and your kindness.Elizabeth Cron sorry about the teasing from Tony Robbins and myself! I want to drive the Batmobile! Brett..Brett..Brett..fine..Ill say it.. your the man. Jade you owe me an In N Out Burger, Ill take bacon from the Wynn please.

-Sometimes pictures say it all:


Sonal Shah From Scrubs. She was really sweet.

Dr Drew

Dr Drew

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk
Rapper Chamillionaire..Im Gangsta

Rapper Chamillionaire..I'm GangstaPee Wee Herman

Iron Sheik

The Iron Sheik taken by Chad Kabigting


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How Brands Can Build A Customer Relationship.. The Feedback

My last post on tips that brands can use to build Customer relationship got some amazing feedback. So much so, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of it with you. Of course there are the comments below that you can see. When your using Social Media to get your message..aka content..Blog post out conversations can happen on many different sites. So here are some of them for your review. I will share them in list form, as people like lists.

Rich Goldsmith, Senior Account Executive at Padilla Speer Beardsley:

Social media is an opportunity to not only listen in on what your customers are saying about your brand, but to also really establish a brand identity, even a persona. Taking advantage of that opportunity, however, has tripped up a lot of companies — most of them because they’ve either been dishonest in their approach, or shortsighted and fallen victim to the “it’s really cool” factor of social media.

Essentially, people need to ask themselves what they hope to achieve with social media, and then tailor their strategies and tactics toward those objectives. There’s a huge universe of potential activities associated with social media, and it grows every time someone does something new with Twitter’s API or develops a new iPhone app. But too many brands don’t take the time to craft a social media strategy that will actually move their businesses forward and improve their relationship with their customers in a meaningful way. They might also not have a regular e-commerce site monitor and regular performance audits and alerts particularly if they are in the digital transformation. Hybris migration services can be employed by them to enhance customer experience and other commerce solutions. Companies might need them in a time when the customer traffic is high and when the whole process becomes slower.

Do you want to improve customer satisfaction? Personalize the brand? Improve customer loyalty? Something different altogether? While these objectives can play off each other, each one requires a slightly different approach. Having a dedicated customer service team (you could check here, for example) can make a good difference in brand perception among your customers. Social media can do many things to improve brand equity and customer attitudes, but you have to know exactly what you’re setting out to do before you can be successful at it.

Janelle Yates, Owner/Operator at The Little PR Company:

Use it to actually interact, not sell…I see it as a method of two way communications with current and potential customers.
I think it is also important to use it as a call to action for events, brand development research, PR/marketing campaign research and recognition of who your consumer base and target audience is.

Heather Whaling, Communicating … Connecting. Strategic, results-driven public relations, social media, marketing:

There are *lots* of ways companies can use social media to create stronger relationships with consumers. The answer to your question depends on the specific goals you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you develop a product, you can use social media to identify how people are using your product, what enhancements would be beneficial and general satisfaction levels. You can also use it to improve customer service through tools like Twitter or Get Satisfaction.
If you’re trying to position your brand as a thought-leader, blogging (on your own and guest-posting) can be very beneficial. Use this also as an opportunity to show some of the “inner workings” of your company — helping people relate more to the brand.

If you provide a service, you can develop relationships with people who might be in the market for whatever you’re offering. Also, monitoring tools can help identify people asking questions that you can answer, positioning your brand as a valuable resource.

Whatever your goal, it’s important to remember that social media is about conversations — between business-to-consumer as well as consumer-to-consumer. After you create your strategy, remember to keep your eye on the goal, but don’t forget to be personable as well. If you take a strategic approach to social media, take the time to listen, and understand the existing sub-cultures on the various networks, you’ll see that social media can be very beneficial.


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6 Tips For Brands To Build Customer Relationships

6 Tips For Brands To Build Customer Relationships


Let me start by saying I looked at my computer screen for at least a good hour trying to find away to start this post. I would turn on Hulu and watch some of The Riches. Then tell myself to turn it off. Then I would turn on Howard Stern on my XM Radio. I would then turn that off and try to focus again. Then it hit me. It was easy to talk about brands trying to have relationships with people via social networking. It happens all the time, you just may not know it is happening. Look, Hulu just got me to mention it in this post. XM Radio did not even have to try. I’m plugging brands because I have a relationship with them. I follow both Hulu and XM on social networking sites. Why?  Well lets first look at what the question really is.

The real question is “How can brands use social media to increase their brands relationship with people?” (how is that for a mouth full? Let me share some ways brands can accomplish this. I will do it in list form, as people like lists…

-Be Human. Pull the corporate veil away. You want to have a relationship with your customers right? Then act like a real person. Make comments. Engage. Have discussions. What you are doing here is building up trust.  If your brand did something wrong, admit it. If your brand did something right, take credit for it.

-Talk often.  Post, update, tweet, share, engage, chat, etc, etc do it often. Now I do not mean ever hour. Just often and as it seems appropriate.  If you post to much it can be annoying. It is just like that old high school classmate you do not really remember. You know the one who makes comments on ever Facebook Status update you do. Yes, that guy. We do not like him and hide him on Facebook. That guy bugs.

-What is in it for me? This is a question I always ask my clients. They all want thousands of “Fans” on their Facebook page. Great. That is a great move and goal. Yet, why should these people join? What is in it for them? You need to give them early access to content or sales. Let them test things in beta maybe. Access to early tickets. Inside information. It needs to be something can not get if they don’t follow you, fan you,  join you..heck even Plurk you. 😉

-Pay Attention AKA Listening. This is just like the first item about being human. There is a wealth of feedback out there from people.  Look at what people are posting. Review what people are saying and comment back. It drives me nuts when brands have a social media presence but do not comment back. I am talking to you my local fox affiliate KTVU. All you do is post at me. Your not responding to any comments I have made.

-Have an Evangelist/Community Manager. You have taking them time to setup these accounts on these social networking sites. Who is going to manage it? You need to have someone be responsible for it and represent your brand.  Yep, there needs to be a human there responsible for this relationship. Scott Monty handles Ford. Phil handles Domminos. There is Richard for Dell.. you need someone for your brand.

-Do not post at people. What I mean by this is dont just share your content and talk about yourself. Again, I am talking to you KTVU. Why would I follow you? Your don’t do any of the above nor, do you give me anything that I cant find on your website. Do not hate me.. I am just trying to help.

Bonus: A Real Life Example

Jessica from Cirque Du Soleil knows that Blogworld will be happening next month in Las Vegas. She has reached out to bloggers and is offering free tickets to shows. Look at that Cirque Du Soleil is: Being Human, Listening, has an Evangelist, Paid Attention, talks back and talks often. What does Cirque Du Soleil get? Well I’m talking about their brand now. I have linked back to them and Ill be posting about the show prior, during and after.

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6 Ways Social Media Can Help A Local Business

6 Ways Social Media Can Help A Local Business


Someone somewhere once said, “Don’t forget about the little guy.” I guess I could Google the answer, but I am too lazy to bother. It just sounded like a good opening line for this post.

Yesterday, a friend of mine owns a local main street business here in lovely San Carlos, California. I was preaching, evangelizing , chatting about the benefits of Social Media and how it can help brands gain awareness. He quickly looked at me and said “What about the regular folks? You know the guys like me without a big budget?” After the shock of having him finally engage me in a conversation about what I did wore off, I told him I would write a blog post with my answer. (Hey anything to get traffic.. right?” So here you go, Ed. This one is for you. I would like to share with you my thoughts, in list form, cause people like lists. Here are 5 ways a local business can use social media to gain awareness.

-Have a website and a blog. Simple right? One mistake I see is that companies create the website but not the blog. You need to have a blog. It allows your clients to get more insight into what you do, your background, your history, and more. If you make sure to tag your articles, use keywords, etc this will help people stumble across you on google.

-Get on Twitter. Yep, here comes Twitter again, its power can not be denied. You need to get on there and start “Tweeting” posting information, insight, background..(wait it is just like a blog! Yes it is, it is called micro-blogging!) Here is the key to success, make sure to comment back to others and engage in conversation. Shhh, this will be our secret.

-Get a Facebook page. Like you did not see this one coming right? You need to have a fan page. Are you going to get 100,000 fans? No. Do you need 100,000 fans? No. Will having conversations with some local people and having local people join help with awareness of you in your community? You bet. The key here is when people comment on your fan page and you comment back, their friends will see it. It is worth its weight in gold.

-You are the expert. So what I like to tell people is set up your website like you’re the expert. So if you are my friend Ed, you are Ed The Real Estate agent. You are Ed, the most knowledgeable Real Estate Agent in San Carlos. So, the most efficient way to get your services known to the wider public is to look for and utilize the best Real Estate Marketing software that you can find to ensure that you can push your business forward at every opportunity that is presented to you. It will work wonders for you in the long run. Also, make sure to blog about Real Estate in your area. You’re a local guy, so talking about homes in New York is not going to make you money. Talking about Homes here in San Carlos, will make you money. When that family who needs an agent thinks “We need a bigger home, Who is that online guy from Facebook?” they think of you. You get the idea, right?

-Link Love. Make sure to link to other local businesses on your website. They will return the favor. Plus it helps with your Google Page Rank

-Find ways to use online tools in a different way. Try things out. Maybe take orders via Twitter. Offer to send pictures of products via email. Give out coupon codes on Facebook. The possibilities are endless. I am talking about taking chances and thinking outside the box.

Bonus tip: Go to Meetups, Tweetups, mixtures or whatever they are called these days. They are all over the place and local. Get out there.

So what are some of the tips I forgot? There must be a ton.

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