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New Media

Are We There Yet?

Okay..okay.. that is a bad title for a blog. It was way to easy to come up with, but I had to go for it.


Okay..okay.. that is a bad title for a blog. It was way to easy to come up with, but I had to go for it.

Today, right now, check your watch, if you still wear one,  March 30, 2010..  there is nothing hotter then geolocation.   You know its hot when Facebook & Twitter step  into the game.

What is Geolocation? Well, thanks to a  GPS-enabled smartphone such as the Apple iPhone, Google Nexus One, or RIM BlackBerry, you can use it to let your friends know where you are, or to find places recommended by people you know, or to check in remotely at clubs, bars, and restaurants. Regardless of privacy concerns, it looks like it is here to stay. There are apps like:






Enough to make your head spin right? Good thing  Brightkite came out with Check.in. It updates all of the geolocation sites, sort of like a Ping.fm
So, why should businesses care? Big or small there is a wealth of information for a business to get. Think about it:

-You will know who your best customers are

-How often people are coming to your business location

-You can offer them instant discounts via their handheld

-Know where your clients are coming from and where they are going

Is your business using geolocation?

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The Social Media Shameless Link Post

The Social Media Shameless Link Post


The quilt..it weighs heavy on my shoulders.  I did not put up a blog post last week. I suck. I know. So maybe I am the only one who cares. Most people probably could care less about what I blog about. So, to that one person who cares…fine…..to my Mom.. I’m sorry.

So, on that high note, this is not going to be much of a post, but a bunch of links and information about things that are going on or up and coming. I thought it would be a good idea to share several things with you. Yes, some of it is me doing shameless plugs. I am, sorry in advance. I will share this information with you in list form, as people like lists:


-This Friday, April 17th I will be speaking at the Bay Area New Media Summit at Bently Reserve. I will be on the panel “How to Socialize Your Video”.


-On April 23rd there is a “Peninsula Twitter & Facebook Meet-Up” at the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park, California. This is my first time organizing such an event, so I hope don’t mess it up. Please pass this information on, all our welcome to attened this 7:00 pm event.


The Project 100 is a project I was flattered to be part of. It is  100 Marketers who are allowed 400 words each to write a collaborative book on “Project 100: Marketing in the Social Media Era“. All profits go to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure. You can get a preview of the book here.


The Community 2.0 Conference is May 11-13, 2009 ath the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Myself,  Connie Bensen and Kellie Parker will be leading an all day workshop called “Getting Started with Community” on May 11.

Social Media Club

-I was very humbled to be excepted as on of the first members of the Social Media Club Editorial Board. Each week the board is given a question to examine, dissect and respond to. This weekly event is all recorded on a podcast and lead by Chris Heuer.  Learn more about the Social Media Club Question of The Week and the podcast/blog here.

Alright, that is all for now. I will get a “real” post up here shortly.


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Your Week In Review

Your Week In Review


Yes, my obsession with Burger King and the Angry Whopper has not ended. I know I have issues.. lots of issues. Let us just get right into some of the hot Social Media topics of the week!

-You know though, Facebook has issues too! Get this, Facebook shut down the Whopper Sacrifice application! In the week prior 82,000 people removed 230,000 friends! Facebook claims there were “privacy issues”. Hmmm, I’m not buying it. Speaking of apps, here is a list of the Top 20 Up & Coming Facebook Apps for this week. Its interesting to see what is gaining in popularity and what is a hit with folks.


-Oh and if you are on Facebook and I hit you up for cash. It might not be me. Seems there is a Facebook Scam going on where phishers are pretending to be friends that are stuck and need cash. Read more about that here


-Ford’s Scott Monty has been getting a lot of praise online for his quick response in the Social Media world. By using social media Scott helped control what could of been a huge PR mess for Ford. Here is a great success story for you.


-American Idol. I watch it I admit it. Yes, I am rooting for bikini girl so far. No, she can sing really well. She wore a bikini? I did not notice at all. Here is a case where text messaging backfired for Idol and AT&T.  Seems AT&T sent its 75 million customers text messages about the Idol premier. The backlash was huge on Twitter. Lots of negative companies after it was done. Come on AT&T you should know better! Just raise our rates a buck, instead of sending us spam.


Britney Mason

-I don’t mention it very often, but Virtual Worlds are still hotter than ever. According to Virtual Worlds Management, $594.00 was invested in about 63 Virtual worlds in 2008! Read more here. Yes, its real money. You are funny. Did I ever mention I pretended to be a blond named Britney Mason on the internet? No, I need to do a blog post on that. Here is a video about it I did for CNBC

-If you have a blog you may be familiar with Feedburner, which was bought by Google for $100 million One would think the service would be getting better, seems that is not the case. Take a look at this techcrunch post and review all the great comments.

All right, thats all for now! Have a great weekend!

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5 Successful Traits Of An Online Community

5 Successful Traits Of An Online Community


So, I was thinking this morning, I know scary. Okay, enough with your jokes. I was thinking about online communities and how powerful they are. In this ever changing world of technology and social media they are becoming more and more powerful. I truly believe companies need to start embracing them more than ever. As I have mentioned before Barack Obama built his own online community to get his message out, which became a key to his win.

What is an online community?

Glad you asked.

I define it as:

– A group of people that mostly interact with each other via some form of online communication. This can be anything such as a social networking site, newsletters, virtual worlds online video, online audio, instant messaging (https://www.agora.io/en/blog/real-time-communication-tools-for-online-messaging/), or a combination of those. There are even specialist online communities for those in certain job roles. For example, Sermo is a social media platform aimed at physicians (https://www.sermo.com/business/physician-engagement/) where professionals can connect and share information and ideas, helping both themselves as individuals and the healthcare industry as a whole.

When a company or person puts out a blog, Facebook application, online video or online profile, they need to build an online community around it. This community becomes the way to build buzz and an online brand. All of which help get the message out. What are the traits and keys that make it successful? Glad you asked! Let’s take a look at a few. Why don’t we do it in list form? People like lists!

– There is an Online Community Manager. The short version of what a Community Manager does is keeps an eye on what is going on in the community. This person keeps it clean and safe for all. As well as helping users with problems, moderating the site, starting and ending conversations. I will get into a lot more detail in a future post. Needless to say this person should be worth their weight in gold.

-The members of the community all have something in common. What it is maybe very hard to say. Yet, they are all part of this community because they have a common interest in the subject matter at some level. It could be as simple as a model train building club, people who eat Angry Burgers.. there I go again, (sorry) to college professors sharing information. The possibilities are endless.

– These members need to be made up of some who know a lot more on the subject then you do. As well as members who know a lot less then you do. This allows the flow of information as well as great conversation back and forth. If people are not getting something out of it, it won’t work.

-Members must be made to feel comfortable in the community, as well with the technology they are using within the community. This can be done with ease of communication (whatever the platform may be) as well as a good Community Manager.

-Make sure people are having a good time. Basic I know, but I have seen it get lost in the development. If members are not having fun, it won’t work.

What are traits do you belive a successful online community needs to have?

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The Angry Burger Or Burger King Gets Social Media!

The Angry Burger Or Burger King Gets Social Media!


So there are a few things going on that have led to my obsession with Burger Kings “Angry Burger”. In list form, cause people like lists they are:

-I started my DIEt today and obsessed with food already (yes that DIE with a t at the end)

– I like to joke about what could be the worst thing to eat.

-Burger King has created the Angry Burger which is  “Angry Onions, Jalapenos, Pepper Jack Cheese, and an angry sauce


– Then there is the Whopper Sacrifice Application for Facebook:


You un-friend 10 friends o Facebook and get a coupon for a free Whopper.  One thing to keep in mind here is that when you normally un-friend people, they do not get a notice or a status update. When you un-friend them with the Sacrifice application they do get a notice as well they are set ablaze.  Of course by doing that it helps the application get a “viral push” within Facebook.  I got to say, I just love the marketing going on here.

The whole un-friend thing as something to it. I got to say Burger King really has something pretty cool going on here. They always seem to be right in the New Media mix, remember Subservientchicken? Another great online move. As well as Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy on Youtube:


Bottom line here: Burger King gets New Media, Social Media, Word Of Mouth Marketing, the whole thing.

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People Are Talking…Are You Listening?

People Are Talking…Are You Listening?


Today a friend reached out to me.  She works for a very big, well know company. She asked me a simple question.

“How do we monitor our brand online?”

My response was “You guys get it!”. She responded with a very puzzled tone (as my wife does to me a lot) : “We do?”

“Yes, you do” Your company is taking the first step of looking into what people are saying about your brand online and learning how to deal with brand monitoring”

Okay, so enough of my little cut scene from a conversation. Let me give you some links to tools and resources that help companies monitor what people are saying online about them. We will do it in list form, as people like lists:

Twitter Search which use to be called Summize before Twitter bought it. You simply type in keywords and you can see people who have used that word in a tweet.

Social Mention searchs Google blog search, Delicious, FriendFeed, Digg, Twitter, Youtube and such and puts it into a nice package for you.

Google Alerts An amazing tool by the folks at well, Google. Put in keywords and it will send you alerts when people use those words. This searches Google so we are talking about anywhere on the web that Google indexes, which is well, almost everywhere.

Backtype allows you to search blog comments.  Users need to register and it will monitor the url you put in the chat. Then pulls all the comments back to one place for you to search.

Yacktrack monitors lots of different social networking sites and allows you to see which sites your brand is being mentioned on vs another.

These are just some of the several tools that are out there. If there are some I have missed, please post them in the comments so I can add them to an updated list.

I used the term brand and keyword when writing this post. What is it you should be monitoring when following your brand? I think you should look at:

-Company Name

-Your Product

– Competition

-Your Company Executives (and your competitions)

– Clients

All right now, get out there and see what people are saying about you!

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Social Media And NBC's The Today Show

Social Media And NBC's The Today Show

We hear all this, chatter(get it chatter..newmediachatter? Anyway…) about the power of social media.  Why newspapers, TV and radio should be scared. Why they need to keep up with the times. How people are getting their information from other places. Oh and how they are interacting directly with the companies, the brands and of course the people.

So check this out.

About a year ago NBC did a profile on me regarding my work in virtual worlds. (Yes, virtual worlds are part of the whole social media world and just not for kids.)  In all of NBC’s wisdom they sent correspondent Peter Alexander to meet with me and do the interview. Well, it seems that Peter and I hit off (or I just stalk him) and still chat till this day. Our relationship grew and we decided to take the next logical step. We became Facebook friends. (I asked him.)

In September 2008, NBC sent Peter to the Arctic for a 10 day cruise. Well, when it was all said and done it was 23 days. Yes he was stuck on a boat in the Arctic for 23 days! You can read about this great adventure here. But this lovely trip is not the point of my blog, nor am I bragging I know Peter, (lord knows that’s not worth bragging about.)

It seems one can be stuck in the Arctic for 23 days and not be able to get off the ship, but you still can have internet.


Anyway, Peter would go on to Facebook and update us on his status and what he was doing. Like the great food, the damaged Ipod, the Search and Rescue that caused them to miss  1 of 5 chances to get off the ship. He would share little pieces of information and post comments back. At one point a Free Peter Alexander Group was even created. Yet as I watched the Today Show on NBC they never once mentioned Peter’s situation.  Until around day 19.

On Day 19 Meredith and Matt teased they would be sharing where Peter has been for past 2 1/2 weeks. Then it hit me… I know exactly where he has been. What he has been doing. How frustrated he is. Heck, I have talked to him this week via walls posts. Have you Matt?

When they brought Peter on air, he told about why he was there, when he left, how he got stuck thanks to weather, the search and rescue and more. I knew all this already I thought. This is old news. Heck, I knew more then Matt and Meredith. This is well.. old news.

So my point? Well, Social Media heck, Facebook has allowed me to know where Peter was, what he was doing, how he felt, share the experience and talk to him better, faster and more vested then TV ever will.

Oh, Matt… Meredith, Peter got home on day 23.  I know his situation was not truly news worthy, but I have become vested in it and you have not updated the viewers. Lastley, NBC missed a great way to engage their views, oh the things they could of done via social media while Peter was stuck….

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How To Learn About Social Media In 3 Easy Steps

How To Learn About Social Media In 3 Easy Steps

Today I read a great post  by Sean Bohan on one of my favorite topics the “Social Media Expert”.  Sean asked the question, “Do Experts Matter”? (As we get to know each better, one thing you will learn about me is I don’t like the term “Social Media Expert”).  This field of Social & New Media is changing everyday and every moment. There are people right now creating web sites, tools and widgets that will change the field. These things will make you go “Wow, why did I not think about that?”  What is hot at 10:00 am may have crashed at 12:00 and been replaced by something else. All one can do is try to keep up by being part of the community.

How does one keep up with all this information?  Do you really need a “Social Media Expert” to help you understand this new space? People hire social media consultants to teach them how to use soical networking tools and establish their brands online. Do you need to this? Maybe, not everyone is cut out to be a consultant.  But you can learn a lot on your own. You can do this really easy, simple and fast.

Here are the simple steps, I will put it in list form, people like lists.

-Setup a Facebook and Linkedin account

– Join Twitter

-Join the conversation by commenting, asking questions and giving back.

Bonus step:

-Dare to be on FriendFeed ( I know its scary but you can do it.)

Thats it. Heck you too can be a Social Media Consultant if you want to. (note: I did not use the term expert.)

Wonder if I just posted my way out of a job?<-->

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The First Post Is Always The Hardest

The First Post Is Always The Hardest

The first time is always the hardest. I have been going back and forth about what this post should be about. Should I just dive right into talking about New Media or  Social Media? Heck isn’t it all under the same umbrella? Maybe I should start with who I am and what my background is? Nah, that’s all on the About Dave page.  Oh I know I can roll out a huge big post about something cutting edge and exciting in the space! No, its a slow week everyone is heading to Blogworld 2008 anyway. I could list what this blog is about, what I want to accomplish. Hey that’s not bad. Maybe I should do it in list form. People do like lists.

So in no particular order, I give you the goals, hopes, and dreams I want for New Media Chatter:

-For all of us to learn more about this space called New Media. ( I plan on learning from you too!)

-To pass on the tools needed for people to learn how to brand themselves in this new age of social media

-I want to start discussions and conversations about New Media, make us all think.

– To point you to people, websites and events where you can learn more and network with.

-A place where you can come to get the latest trends in the industry.

I hope this is not to deep or mushy for the first post. Heck, I hope I didn’t scare you off, I want you to subscribe to this blog!

So look at that, the first post is over. Great.. now we can get down to business and starting talking about New Media.

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