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Off Subject

I Need Your Help To Be VP….

I Need Your Help To Be VP….

I don’t mean to bug you, no really, it is not my normal style. My oldest is now on Facebook, I know right? So he discovered the Popchips, Vice President of Pop Culture contest. In short your voting for someone to be the VP to, well President Ashton Kutcher. See, Ashton is the President of Pop Culture… here..

just see his video.

What I am asking is can you please go HERE and vote for our video? I would really appreciate it. Ill owe you, maybe some Popchips? Also, be warned, you can vote once ever 24 hours, so I might bug you a few times. Dont worry contest ends March 9, 2011.

Hey, thanks.. You ROCK!! Really, you do! Oh, if you want to tweet it feel free ūüėČ

Dont forget to click the button to vote!

UPDATE: Currently in 7th place out of 180 videos!! Thank you all so much! Here are 2 new videos my kids made for the contest. Please keep your votes coming!

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What Is The Must Have Gadget For Xmas 2010?

What Is The Must Have Gadget For Xmas 2010?

Help me!

There are so many so many cool things out there and things coming soon. It makes me wonder…which gadget for Christmas 2010 is the “must have toy?”

I’m talking about what gadget/toy/tech do you pine for? It is something you would jump through hoops, beg, steal or borrow to get it, something you imagine people will still check sites like Raise to see if there are savings to be had on it with any of the major retailers in the future? I really need your help in figuring out what is the ultimate gadget for 2010.

There are so many to pick from.. just to start there is
Kodak PlaySport
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apple iPad

Vizio XVT473SV (internet TV) (my pick)

Xbox 360

HTC DROID Incredible

HP Officejet 6500A Plus e-All-in-One Printer

This is just a short list that I came up with. Is there something I am missing?

Oh, who knows, there maybe a contest in the future I am working on. ūüėČ hint hint

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Social Media Is Not Always Just About You…

Social Media Is Not Always Just About You…


When you are posting on your blog, tweeting, facebook status updating it should not always be about what your doing. It is also about well sharing. Sharing what you are reading, what you have learned and others who you find interesting.  The key being WHERE you get this information from!! So let me share with you some of my favorite sites. No, they are not all Social Media related. Nor are they work related. Hey, I do like other stuff you know.  I will do it in list form, cause people like lists:

Stephanie Klein’s Stories Of My Life:

An amazing writer. Hands down one of my favorite sites to visit everyday. I love her humor and take on her daily life. I am proud to say I discovered  her blog for years before her first book was published and now I consider her a friend.


Just the best gossip and 411 about the people in Silicon Valley. Bottom line it is a great gossip site. I admit it, I like gossip

The SiliconANGLE

A blog by John Furrier that covers entrepreneurs, business executive, innovators and more.  What I like about it is it promotes those who have something interesting to say.

PR2.0 aka BrianSolis

Great blog, great insight..nice guy. Need I say more?

Social Media Today

What I like to do is subscribe via RSS and look at the 50-100 new blog posts posted everyday there. Way to much content to look at the webpage. I go over the RSS and look at titles that grab me.


It is a site that give Web news, reviews and insight. That being said, just some great posts okay? Trust me on this one.

Confessions of a One Date Wonder

Started off as a blog about “Jane Wonder”¬† who could never get a second date. Now, she is involved with one guy she calls LC. Will see settle down? Will she get married? Will she change the name of her blog?


No it does not belong on this list, but dang.. I love Hulu..

Feel free to post your favorite sites below..yes I will allow shameless self promoting, as long as you share one other that is not yours.. go nuts.

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Random Questions About The iPhone and iTunes


So, this is going to be the first in a series of totally different blog posts. I have enough notes on things I want to talk about, yet they are not enough for their own blog post. Some are social media related others are not. Some are deep others are not. Some makes sense others well don’t. Maybe you have the answer, cause sometimes I get things wrong.¬† So lets start with the iPhone and iTunes, shall we? Ill share these thoughts in list form, as people like lists…

-Why does my iPhone not let me change the ring for new mail or text to something else? I can do it for phone calls but not for text or email.

-Why does my iTunes shuffle feature seem to play the same songs over and over but not others? Its SHUFFLE right?

-Why is the iPhone and the iTouch cost almost the same price for the 16gb? Why would you just not get the  phone and not active that feature?

-Why does the date icon on my iPhone change to reflect the date, yet the weather icon always says 73 degrees. If they can do it for the date, how hard can it be for the weather?

-Why when I am sending a text my phone number options so home, fax, business, etc numbers, shouldn’t just the mobile number show up as an option? It is not like I am going to send a text to a fax.

-Why when I delete a song in iTunes that I bought from iTunes, download it again for free? I paid for it, you should have a record of it. What am I missing here?

-Why when in iTunes does the iTunes plus songs show up first? I know your going to say it is because they are $1.29. I get it. They want me to pay for the more expensive one. Fine.  Why do they make it so hard to find the $.099 versions?

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The Social Media Shameless Link Post For June 2009

Plugs..Links..Shout Outs..OH MY!! There is no avoiding it, let me just be upfront and honest. This are straight out shameless plugs and such. So let me skip the witty banter and get right into it. I will do it in list form as people like lists!!


-Tomorrow June 24, 2009 I will be having the Peninsula Twitter & Facebook Meetup For June 2009 at the Silicon Valley Four Seasons Hotel starting at 7:00 pm poolside. Please join the 150+ people, LSF Interactive and myself for this free event!


-On July 8, 2009 I will be speaking at the International Association of Administrative Professionals in San Jose, California.


-On August 13, 2009 I will be speaking at Marketing In The Oilfield Conference in Houston, Texas.

-Some of you have asked if we  can connect on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. So since this is shameless links here are some places we can network



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An Open Letter To Sony Regarding Social Media.

An Open Letter To Sony Regarding Social Media.


Dear Sony,

First, I wanted to make sure everything is good with you. I know its been a while since we have chatted. Actually, we have really never chatted. Though you did have Technorati reach out to me¬† in early March 2009. It was just before SXSW 2009. You probably don’t remember, I know your a really busy company. Well with E3, your Samsung LCD venture, and of course that exciting announcement that Sade has an album coming out for the first time in like 9 years No offense but waiting 30 years for that album would of been better.(I’m just saying.)

So what I wanted to share with you is an update on the partnership you did with Technorati just before the SXSW 2009. I know with everything going on you don’t remember it. Let me try to jog your memory.

You were kind enough to send myself and 9 other bloggers these really kick ass Webbie HD video cameras. All you asked is when we use it at the conference was to tag photos and pics with the hashtag #webbiesxsw. How could any of us say no? (Look we both know Julia Roy sure wouldn’t! I think she tried to steal mine, so she could have two.) So with my trusty Webbie HD I mad amazing, educational, social media¬† videos like this:

Pretty great huh? Fine, I suck at video taping. I get it. Okay, so Sony you may wonder, “why is this guy writing this letter to us almost 4 months after the fact? We aren’t sending you another free camera and you cant have a free PS3 either, so move along.”¬† Do not worry. I do¬† not want any free stuff, though if I were to hit you up for something it would be the PS3 Slim.

So back to my point of this letter. It must of taking some good faith in Social Media for a big company like you to the Webbie SXSW/blogger promotion. Not being able to directly measure the ROI for this campaign. Not knowing if it helped sell these devices. No doubt you could see the chatter on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the other thousands of social networking sites. Yet, it is hard to measure if that chatter turned into sales.

Well, I have some good news for you. Social Media works. What you did worked. Let me give you some examples. I will do it in list form. People like lists!

-In the past 30 days 5. Yes, 5 families have bought the Webbie because they have seen me using at my kids school. Scary part is they all got the same color as me. So, now I have to put my initials on the bottom of it.

-At least 8  people have emailed me directly in the last 90 days to ask me about what video camera I use.  Of that I know of 4 people who have bought the camera.

-Facebook..where do I start. When I upload a video it has that HD logo in the corner. The number of people who have commented on the quality of the video and sound is crazy. I can not say I know exactly how many people have bought the Webbie. I do know that there have been a lot of comments and questions about it on my profile page and fanpage.(yes, I have a facebook fanpage stop laughing at me.) Done laughing? Here is a Facebook video example that got the parents fired up about the Webbie:

So, there you go. I can confirm at least 14 sales of the webbie as well as several more potential sales coming your way!! That is not a bad ROI for sending a blogger a $200.00 video camera. We do not even know how many sales the other 9 bloggers generated.  This is what I would call a success story, as well as a great case study showing that Social Media and Word of Mouth marketing do work.

Oh in case anyone at Sony sees this or who knows, maybe even reads my blog. No, I was not paid to do this. Yes, I got a free Webbie from Sony. There is your full disclosure at work!


Dave Peck

Social Media Strategist

LSF Interactive

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The Social Media Shameless Link Post

The Social Media Shameless Link Post


Yep..its another one.¬† Hey, it has been about a month since the last one. Just so much to share and too little time to do it.¬† So you get it all in one nice post! So here is information¬† and self promotion with links to things I want to share,people to thank¬† or think you may find of interest. If your not interested, that’s okay, you can always look for my spelling errors and give me a hard time.. I make a lot.

Scared yet?

So away we go…

– Starting¬† today I am “test driving” the 2009 Ford Flex. I get to use the car until next week. Let it be known, I am so not a car guy. I know nothing about them. What I am is a gadget guy. The built in media center brings me to tears, its amazing. Get this, its all voice activated.¬† Ill need to take some pics of that and post. Here is a short video and a pic:


-On April 23rd I organized the Peninsula Twitter and Facebook Meetup.  It went really well. There were roughly 115 people who came throughout the night! Here is some video. I will be putting together some sort of event page shortly for future meetups.

The Community 2.0 Conference is May 11-13, 2009 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Myself,¬† Connie Bensen and Kellie Parker will be leading an all day workshop called “Getting Started with Community” on May 11.


-The 140 Twitter Conference will take place on May 26th and 27th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, they are bringing together the top gurus in the Twitosphere to discuss all things Twitter, from understanding the business value of Twitter to exploring the what makes a great Twitter app. As LSF Interactive is a media sponsor of this event, where I work, I have a discount code to share.

Discount Code of in140tc for 140 Twitter Conference 2009

Social Media Club

– Do not forget that ever week you can listen to the Social Media Club Editorial Board come up with a question of the week for everyone to comment on.

Yes, Im part of the board. (Come on its shameless plugs right?)


-Because this if for a Thesis for Roskilde University and he asked really nice,  I thought I would pass this on. Aleksander Sonder of Copenhagen, Denmark is doing a quick survey regarding the Corporate Use Of Twitter. The data is updated and open to everyone here.


-A big thank you to Techcrunch for putting on  a Star Trek Screening tonight here in Redwood City. They are giving up to 4 tickets per person for $2.00 each with popcorn and a drink! Oh you also get bragging rights to have seen the movie early! So myself and my sons will be there when the doors open!

-As always I update my Twitter Feed with articles/info I think worth passing on and my other random posts if you just cant get enough of me. ūüėČ

Okay, hope I did not miss anything…. Live Long and Prosper! (yes I am a geek.)

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Social Media Made My Kids Think I Was Cool..For A Minute

Social Media Made My Kids Think I Was Cool..For A Minute


(Note: This post is pretty much off my usual subject of Social Media)

First, I know I am not cool. So, let us take those jokes off the table right away. I know I am a geek. I get it. I can live with it. It works for me.

A little background information on my family and let me  answer the common questions I get, when I tell people I have 5 kids:

-Yes, I said 5

-Yes, with the same woman

-Nope, we did not plan it that way

-… no medicine or help was involved

-3 boys, 2 girls.. last set is boy/girl twins

– Let me see, they are 10, 8, 7, 3, 3 going on 16

-Yep, it is a lot of work, my wife is a rockstar

Okay, now moving forward.

The oldest kids are now easily embarrassed by the things I say and do. Especially when they are with their friends.  On different occasions, I have threatened to stand up in their class and dance or sing. They do not like that idea at all. It works great to get them to make their bed.

So, the other day I was in the car with them and one of them asked: “How was work today Dad?”

After the shock of being asked this simple question wore off, I explained I had been speaking at the Netroots Nation: Bay Area New Media Summit.

After the shock of hearing people actually wanted their father to stand up and speak on a subject, I was asked: “What did you talk about?”

After the shock of the kids being interested in something other than, what was for dinner, when we are going to see then Wolverine movie, or if their friends can sleep over, I replied stunned: ” How to Socialize Your Video”.

I then quickly continued before they could lose interest or notice the billboard ad for Cold Stone Creamery, ” I was on a panel with Hooman from the local radio. As well as a person from YouTube.”


“Youtube!!! No way! Can we go to YouTube? Can we make a video to put on YouTube? That is so…COOL!” (okay so they did not say I was cool, but its the best I can get, Ill take it) Then one of¬† them said ” I cant wait to tell Susie you know someone at YouTube. ”

Trying to keep this open line of communication going on, I tried to think of what they would consider “cool companies” I added “Yep, I also know people¬† at Club Penguin and Google too!” They were still in awe. They looked at me with, well… Pride! Not like an ATM like they normally do.

This is the point where I should of quit, while I was ahead.¬† I stupidly said,” Lets see, I know people who work at Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter…” the look of pride quickly changed to a look of “What is the fat old guy talking about? Why is he not giving us McDonald’s?”

The oldest quickly said, “That is great Dad. My birthday is coming up in July, I want to discuss what plans you are putting together… ”

So, thank you social media for allowing me this moment of feeling..cool. Now back to being the geek I am.

Just an observation to add to this. I am shocked somewhat¬† that companies are becoming “cool”.¬† I recently went to SXSW and brought the kids back a ton of swag. They weren’t interested in the shirts, the Frisbee, the squeeze balls or even the candy. They all wanted the items with the logo.. Google.

Times are changing.

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I Am Going To Be The Biggest Loser!

I Am Going To Be The Biggest Loser!

losing-bigSo this post is totally off subject. It has nothing to do with Social Media, New Media, Social Networking or the such. I wanted to share with you that my New Years resolution is to lose weight. I need to drop a few pounds, shed the winter coat kind of thing.

One thing I have learned is I do really well in a “Social” setting. If there is a group of people counting on¬† me I am more likely to do something. For example, I currently am going to spin class 2 days a week, I have two friends who meet me there at 5:30 am. If I do not show up, I get a rash of fouled mouthed text messages and emails. Needless to say, you do not miss spin class.

So, the PCCC where we go decided to launch ” Losing Big” which is a team weight loss kind of thing. Here I will break down for you in list form, people like lists:

-Mandatory group workout

-Meeting with a nutritionist, life coach and personal trainer

-Weekly Weigh Ins (prizes for the person who loses the most, I like prizes)

You get the idea it is using the same idea of the t.v. show, The Biggest Loser

One thing that has been mentioned several times¬† by the “Blue Team” coaches is to tell your friends and family what you are doing so they can support you. So that is what I am doing. Telling you my community, cause I need all the¬† help I can get, trust me.¬† If you see any tweets, status updates or video with me eating anything I should not, call me out!¬† Maybe¬† If I am speaking at a conference and I start drinking a coke, feel free to come up to the¬† stage and take it away. We could be¬† at a tweetup and I whip out¬† a snickers , rip it from my carmel covered hand. Like Mr. T would


You know I started this post with the comment it would not be about Social Media, but in a way it is. Social Media is about communities, word of mouth and influence. So I am asking you my community to start using your influence to help me lose weight!

Lastly, do you even¬† want to hear about my weigh ins , highs, lows,moments of weakness,¬† etc during this 12 week torture.. I mean competition? My feelings will not be hurt if you don‚Äôt, I just don’t want to bore¬† you with all this. The website was not setup for this.¬† So, please let me know by leaving a comment one way or the other. Majority rules.

Okay I have 2 days till I start on Monday, so I am going out with a gut buster, Domminos Pizza tonight!


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I Have A Communicable Disease

I Have A Communicable Disease

computer-virus-bugs-clip-art-thumb3167674Just a quick note, cause I need to vent. In my office we have:

-A Firewall

Appriver to scan email for spam and viruses

McAfee on the desktops to stop viruses

-A tech team we pay over $3,000 a month for

-Rules in force about opening strange emails, going to websites, etc, etc

You get the idea.

Yet somehow, some way.. my computer out of all the computers in this office has a virus.

I am getting pop ups for gambling, online video guides,  anti-virus software (gee thanks).

The techs have tried removing it twice now. Now they are thinking of replacing the harddrive with a mirror version prior to the virus.

What the heck??? The number of work hours I have lost drives me nuts!

Thats it. I needed to vent.

Thanks for listening.

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