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The 140 Twitter Conference.. For The Win!

The 140 Twitter Conference.. For The Win!

Tony Robbins (photo credit Jim Alden(@techfrog)

Tony Robbins (photo credit Jim Alden(@techfrog)

I’mmmmmm back! Miss me? Guess it is kind of hard for me to be gone when I am Tweeting and Facebooking all the time. So for those of you who do not know, I just got back from The 140tc conference in Los Angeles. To sum it up, excuse my french, it was “KICK ASS!” It was possibly hands down one of the most insightful, and educational events that  I have attended in a long while.  It was also an amazing networking event for making great connections. Oh and it was.. fun! I thought it would be great to share some of the things from the event. I will do this in list form, because, well people like lists. So in no particular order here you go:


-Well, this is not something that happened at the event, but for the record. I was invited to speak at this event. So this post has nothing to do with that. If I spoke at the event and did not like it, I would tell you. Heck, just ask the New Media Expo folks last year. I wrote a “not so nice” blog about them , which I am too lazy to link to.

Biz Stone Keynote: Instead of being short and sweet or with his crew, Biz gave great insight to the history of Twitter and how things happened. He spoke for 40 minutes! No, he did not take questions and was gone fast. I think he left skid marks on the floor.

Gavin Newsom is one cool dude. His wife just had a baby and could not make it to the conference, heck, he still had the hospital band on. So he used Skype video to chat about Twitter and how the city of San Francisco uses it. Well done.


Gavin Newsom via Skype

-The comedy panel was great and was well.. HIJACKED by The Iron Sheik. Seems he decided he wanted to be part of the conference and jumped on the panel. Most of what the Sheik said started with “F***”  and ended with “Hulk Hogan”. Oh, and I personally really enjoyed Loni Love and Chris Hardwick. Both Loni and Chris took the time to talk for a while. Oh and both are wicked funny and witty.

Chris Hardwick and Loni Love

Chris Hardwick and Loni Love


-The Dr Drew panel was one of my favorites. I went in there thinking “a bunch of celebs, what are they going to say worth learning?’  Boy was I wrong. It was fascinating to learn how they use it, what they get out of it, their end goals.  Dr Drew  brought up how regular folks were using Twitter, then Hollywood rushes in and gets hundreds of thousands of followers and they move to top of the heap, per say.  Seems that the Celebs feel the same way about Ellen as we do about them he joked. He really put them on the spot, which made this a successful panel.  Also, I enjoyed how they hung out with everyone after the panels, took photos and joined the after party.

-The Tony Robbins Keynote. The guy was amazing. He did not talk long at all, only about 120+ minutes. Okay, maybe just a little too long. Yet, he was worth it. I’m not one for “inspirational and self help stuff(no doubt I need it) but he won me over. I may need to buy one of his books. Oh and the thing I liked the best. He tied his presentation into Twitter. He talked about how he uses it, why he uses it, etc.

-Oh and everyone of the celebs does not have someone post for them. They all do it themselves. None of them will allow someone to do it for them.

-Causes and Campaigns panel. Great stuff. Really insightful stuff on how Twitter is used to spread the word, rally the troops, help others and do good.

-Growing your brand panel. Lead by Guy Kawasaki with one goal.. get the Kogibbq truck to the event for lunch. The Kogibbq guy almost pulled it off if  it was not for the permits. Oh and Guy, don’t call a panelist business “A Roach Coach”. Im thinking that is not a great move in branding.. I’m just saying. Oh and great insights by Brad Nelson of Starbucks

Pee We Herman. Let the article explain it, you can read about it here.

-The oneforty store launched. Pretty cool. An appstore that offers hundreds of applications built on the Twitter API

TidyTweet . It along with 6 other applications presented to the judges for the right to demo to the conference as a whole.(I was one of the three judges.)

The Today Show. So here is a great example of the power of Twitter. On my panel I gave an example of the number of followers The CBS Early Show has Vs. NBC’s The Today Show. In short I gave praise to NBC. Not even an hour after I am done. I get a Direct Message from The Today Show with their phone number. 10 minutes later I am talking to New York one of the people behind the Today Show Twitter Feed. He had been watching Twitter and saw the tweets about The Today Show.  How cool is that? I still am amazed about things like that. Oh and.. CBS..tweet me , you need help.

-So I know I talked about the celebs a lot, but there was more to this event. The panels on brand building, brand growing, social crm and more were great. They had the right mix of both areas to make this a good event.

-Now for some random shout outs: Well done Steve Broback! You too Jason Preston (though we never meet). Krystyl best travel buddy ever, except for the cookie incident.  AdventureGirl and Phil.. thanks for feeding me and your kindness.Elizabeth Cron sorry about the teasing from Tony Robbins and myself! I want to drive the Batmobile! Brett..Brett..Brett..fine..Ill say it.. your the man. Jade you owe me an In N Out Burger, Ill take bacon from the Wynn please.

-Sometimes pictures say it all:


Sonal Shah From Scrubs. She was really sweet.

Dr Drew

Dr Drew

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk
Rapper Chamillionaire..Im Gangsta

Rapper Chamillionaire..I'm GangstaPee Wee Herman

Iron Sheik

The Iron Sheik taken by Chad Kabigting


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The Social Media Shameless Link Post

The Social Media Shameless Link Post


Yep..its another one.  Hey, it has been about a month since the last one. Just so much to share and too little time to do it.  So you get it all in one nice post! So here is information  and self promotion with links to things I want to share,people to thank  or think you may find of interest. If your not interested, that’s okay, you can always look for my spelling errors and give me a hard time.. I make a lot.

Scared yet?

So away we go…

– Starting  today I am “test driving” the 2009 Ford Flex. I get to use the car until next week. Let it be known, I am so not a car guy. I know nothing about them. What I am is a gadget guy. The built in media center brings me to tears, its amazing. Get this, its all voice activated.  Ill need to take some pics of that and post. Here is a short video and a pic:


-On April 23rd I organized the Peninsula Twitter and Facebook Meetup.  It went really well. There were roughly 115 people who came throughout the night! Here is some video. I will be putting together some sort of event page shortly for future meetups.

The Community 2.0 Conference is May 11-13, 2009 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Myself,  Connie Bensen and Kellie Parker will be leading an all day workshop called “Getting Started with Community” on May 11.


-The 140 Twitter Conference will take place on May 26th and 27th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, they are bringing together the top gurus in the Twitosphere to discuss all things Twitter, from understanding the business value of Twitter to exploring the what makes a great Twitter app. As LSF Interactive is a media sponsor of this event, where I work, I have a discount code to share.

Discount Code of in140tc for 140 Twitter Conference 2009

Social Media Club

– Do not forget that ever week you can listen to the Social Media Club Editorial Board come up with a question of the week for everyone to comment on.

Yes, Im part of the board. (Come on its shameless plugs right?)


-Because this if for a Thesis for Roskilde University and he asked really nice,  I thought I would pass this on. Aleksander Sonder of Copenhagen, Denmark is doing a quick survey regarding the Corporate Use Of Twitter. The data is updated and open to everyone here.


-A big thank you to Techcrunch for putting on  a Star Trek Screening tonight here in Redwood City. They are giving up to 4 tickets per person for $2.00 each with popcorn and a drink! Oh you also get bragging rights to have seen the movie early! So myself and my sons will be there when the doors open!

-As always I update my Twitter Feed with articles/info I think worth passing on and my other random posts if you just cant get enough of me. 😉

Okay, hope I did not miss anything…. Live Long and Prosper! (yes I am a geek.)

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