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An Interview with Doug Ulman, CEO of LIVESTRONG

An Interview with Doug Ulman, CEO of LIVESTRONG

Back from Blogworld Expo and boy am I wiped. It was an amazing experience and great networking event. I am thrilled that I was able to speak at this event, which covered many social media case studies.

One thing I have been testing out is interviewing some of the amazing people I get to meet and share with you their use of social media. I will be posting some of these interviews shortly including this post!!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Doug Ullman, CEO of LIVESTRONG.

First I have to say, what amazing guy.  Doug is a three-time cancer survivor. He founded the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, been on 15 million boxes of Wheaties as American Everyday Hero and has been named to the Non -Profit Times Power & Influence Top 50 for 2009. Not to bad!

One thing, I did after the interview, was kick myself. Why didnt I ask about the LIVESTRONG bracelets!! There is a great case of viral marketing! I know, bad call.

So take a listen and enjoy!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Ford Has Me Fired Up

Ford Has Me Fired Up

This post is coming to you directly from Blogworld Expo in lovely Las Vegas. I can not tell you the last time I have posted while at an event. Let alone Blogworld. Usually, I get caught up in all the networking, new tools, education and meeting new people…parties…shhhh.

Last night I went to dinner with Scott Monty and his team from Ford. They shared with us some amazing success stories of their use of social media. They were kind enough to let me share this with you:

Amazing right.. watching the video which teased and showed  the new Ford Explorer blew me away!!
So, then after all this they present their Focus Rally:America challenge.
They are looking for 10 teams to spend 5 weeks driving across America in a new Ford Focus.. yep pretty cool right? Oh.. you want more?
The winning team gets $100,000. Crazy right?? Oh.. more? Fine….
This will be an Amazing Race like contest, teams will compete, go to certain destinations etc. Awesome right? Oh, what else you say? Well this will be made into a Hulu tv show. That is right, you will be a star on Hulu!! Your friends and family will watch your travels over your 5 week adventure.
More you say? Okay how about that the teams will be using Social Media to get help, i.e Twitter & Facebook, etc. 10 people who help the team out win… wait for it… wait for it…. a … brand new Ford… Focus each!!!
Are you kidding me??? CRAZY!!
Oh, I am sooooo all over this. Though my wife and 5 kids might have something to say about it.
You  can visit their website and learn more, heck you can sign up to try to be part of this amazing event!
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6 Tips For Brands To Build Customer Relationships

6 Tips For Brands To Build Customer Relationships


Let me start by saying I looked at my computer screen for at least a good hour trying to find away to start this post. I would turn on Hulu and watch some of The Riches. Then tell myself to turn it off. Then I would turn on Howard Stern on my XM Radio. I would then turn that off and try to focus again. Then it hit me. It was easy to talk about brands trying to have relationships with people via social networking. It happens all the time, you just may not know it is happening. Look, Hulu just got me to mention it in this post. XM Radio did not even have to try. I’m plugging brands because I have a relationship with them. I follow both Hulu and XM on social networking sites. Why?  Well lets first look at what the question really is.

The real question is “How can brands use social media to increase their brands relationship with people?” (how is that for a mouth full? Let me share some ways brands can accomplish this. I will do it in list form, as people like lists…

-Be Human. Pull the corporate veil away. You want to have a relationship with your customers right? Then act like a real person. Make comments. Engage. Have discussions. What you are doing here is building up trust.  If your brand did something wrong, admit it. If your brand did something right, take credit for it.

-Talk often.  Post, update, tweet, share, engage, chat, etc, etc do it often. Now I do not mean ever hour. Just often and as it seems appropriate.  If you post to much it can be annoying. It is just like that old high school classmate you do not really remember. You know the one who makes comments on ever Facebook Status update you do. Yes, that guy. We do not like him and hide him on Facebook. That guy bugs.

-What is in it for me? This is a question I always ask my clients. They all want thousands of “Fans” on their Facebook page. Great. That is a great move and goal. Yet, why should these people join? What is in it for them? You need to give them early access to content or sales. Let them test things in beta maybe. Access to early tickets. Inside information. It needs to be something can not get if they don’t follow you, fan you,  join you..heck even Plurk you. 😉

-Pay Attention AKA Listening. This is just like the first item about being human. There is a wealth of feedback out there from people.  Look at what people are posting. Review what people are saying and comment back. It drives me nuts when brands have a social media presence but do not comment back. I am talking to you my local fox affiliate KTVU. All you do is post at me. Your not responding to any comments I have made.

-Have an Evangelist/Community Manager. You have taking them time to setup these accounts on these social networking sites. Who is going to manage it? You need to have someone be responsible for it and represent your brand.  Yep, there needs to be a human there responsible for this relationship. Scott Monty handles Ford. Phil handles Domminos. There is Richard for Dell.. you need someone for your brand.

-Do not post at people. What I mean by this is dont just share your content and talk about yourself. Again, I am talking to you KTVU. Why would I follow you? Your don’t do any of the above nor, do you give me anything that I cant find on your website. Do not hate me.. I am just trying to help.

Bonus: A Real Life Example

Jessica from Cirque Du Soleil knows that Blogworld will be happening next month in Las Vegas. She has reached out to bloggers and is offering free tickets to shows. Look at that Cirque Du Soleil is: Being Human, Listening, has an Evangelist, Paid Attention, talks back and talks often. What does Cirque Du Soleil get? Well I’m talking about their brand now. I have linked back to them and Ill be posting about the show prior, during and after.

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