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An Open Letter To CNN About The Nashville Floods & Social Media

An Open Letter To CNN About The Nashville Floods & Social Media

Dear CNN,

I have a good friend, who for some reason about 10 years ago decided to leave lovely California and move to, Nashville.  Yes, he did it for a woman. No, they are no longer together. Today, he is happily married with kids, and owns a Smoothie King.

He has been updating his Facebook status with info on the flooding in his area.  I had heard in passing about the flooding but did not really pay attention. That was until he started updating his Facebook status with links to videos and websites.

I thought, I should go check what was happening and get more info. I went to CNN.com and saw this:

Where were the amazing links that my friend had? Where was info on the flooding? I could find info on:

-Porn Director Seeks Office

-3-D Gaming

-Photographer Captures Arctic

..and then yes  I saw it  small references to the flooding in Nashville. With boring articles.

Here is my point, wouldn’t the page have more impact, more information and be more informative if they used things like YouTube and Twitter? Things my friend had been posting?

Here let me list some of them for you, people like lists:

Amazing right? Wouldn’t these videos grab you more and heck, be more informative? More “WOW” factor! More “POP”

Then you have Twitter, where there are real time updates and comments by people. Why is there no feed up? Here is a sample..

Again, comments from real people being shared by real people. I know you have that Ireport thing and your trying, but well.. try a little harder. Okay?

Seems to me your  missing the mark here.

Gee,   I cant imagine why traditional media is having problems… 😉

What are your thoughts?

Dave Peck

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Is Twitter Spreading False Information?

Is Twitter Spreading False Information?

First let me be clear, I know people have died from the Swine Flu. I am in no way taking that lightly, this is a serious issue. Nor am I an expert in the subject of the Swine Flu or anything similar to it.


That being said I was doing some beta testing today on a search application  for a friend and decided to use the keywords “Swine Flu”. I was blown away by what I found. Let me share some of the observations I made. I will do it in list form, as people like lists:

-Its one of the top trending topics on Twitter

-By my estimate the term  it is being used an average of 50 times  ever 5- 10 seconds on Twitter

-Twitter has more updated, current and correct information then any news source…. or does it?

According to posts I have read, the Swine Flu is in:




North Carolina

and almost everywhere

(I was going to repost these tweets, but decided sharing them would be passing on possible incorrect information)

How accurate is the information we are getting, sharing and posting on Twitter? Better yet how about any social networking site?

Now for the states I mentioned there was no link back to a major news source, like CNN, ABC, Fox, etc.  I did check a pretty cool map thing on USA Today that did not show any cases of the flu there as of this post be written. On top of that these posts were being retweeted. A retweet is when someone passes on your post, to share with others. Is Twitter, are we, passing on incorrect information and causing people to be misinformed? Is Twitter causing things like the swine flu to become bigger then they are? Are we using social networking sites to increase panic, hype and  worry where there is no need?

I know Im getting deep and ask more questions then I have answers to.

What are your thoughts? Am I way off and should just chill out?

For what its worth, I do follow the CDC Emergency Twitter, which I believe to be official. It gives links to sites and information that comes from the CDC official webpage.

UPDATE April 26 10:30ish : Before I put this post up on Tuesday afternoon, CNN posted:

Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter

Seems someone else was thinking about the same things as myself.

UPDATE: April 26 12:33: From Todd Scott Macissac Florida Hospital Denies Swine Flu Case Has Been Confirmed hmmm does this mean the person who posted the tweet had inside info?

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Skittles Gets Social Media!

Skittles Gets Social Media!


What is all the buzz about in the last 24 hours?

Why  is Skittles getting coverage on




LA Times

Wall Street Journal

It is the top trending subject on Twitter

So what did Skittles do?



So, in short Skittles took their website and turned it into one big Social Media site. The homepage is nothing but a mashup of social media sites.  The most popular is the  twitter feed that shows anyone who uses the word Skittles.  The thing to keep it mind, as far as I can see, is it has no filters. So you can say anything you want. It can be a positive comment about the Skittles brand. It can be a negative comment about the Skittles brand.  Seems to me Skittles is just “putting it” out there and letting it happen.

That is not all they have done. They have created a:

Facebook Fan page for Skittles

YouTube Page

Flickr Page


Again I can locate no filters on any of those pages. You can say, post, create anything you want on these pages and they become part of the Skittles corporate website.

You access the pages on the Skittles page by clicking the options on this logo:


I have to say to Skittles, way to go! Its amazing and gutsy what they have done. They are putting their brand out there to take both positive and negative comments from their customers. That is engagement right there for you. They have done something amazing in my opinion. They have reached out to where their customers are. They are engaging with customers with the tools they are using. As well as joining the communities their customers are in. This can become a very powerful way to engage with customers. Some numbers for you:

-The Skittles Facebook Fan Page has over 585,000 fans

-The Youtube Channel has over 26,500 views

-Flickr has over 16,500 items

Not bad…

What are your thoughts about the new Skittles Homepage and its use of Social Media sites?

UPDATE: Skittles has moved the Twitter feed to the back and now features the Facebook Fan Page. This is due to the spam it is getting. Read more here:

Bad Jokes Force Skittles To Dump Twitter For Facebook

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Your Week In Review

Your Week In Review

Alright lets get right into and see what has been going on this week shall well? Good you agree…


-What is Social Media? I get that question a lot. I do my best to explain it and help people understand it. I think Louis Gray did an amazing job with his post What Social Media Is and What Social Media Is Not


-How is Social Media factoring into the upcoming Inauguration? A lot! Facebook and CNN have partnered up for it. The CNN.com page will use Facebook Connect to allow people to update their status watch video live, chat and much more. Read more about it here


– Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.. most people still look at me weird when I talk about it, or maybe I get those weird looks all the time.. but people are flocking to Twitter. In 2008 it grow by 752%! Read about it here!

-Let me know if I missed anything you think is worth mentioning, if so please put it in the comments with a link!

Sorry I don’t have a lot this week.. Its been tough starting this Biggest Loser contest at my gym. Though I have been making videos to allow me to at least laugh at it. If you so care to watch here is a link to all of them and the one from Day 4:

Have a great weekend!

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