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Things I Do Not Like About Social Media

Things I Do Not Like About Social Media

So in theory I am always suppose to write positive comments about Social Media. You know all the good things, why it is great. How it can help you and your brand.  Well today I thought I would try something different.  Sharing with you things I do not like about Social Media.  I think I will share these annoying things with you in list form. People like lists!


-Twitter Auto Direct Messages. Hate them! These annoying little DM’s with generic things like:

“I’m just a squirrel trying to find a nut in all this mess. In fact, I might just be a blind squirrel. And I’ve got nothing to sell you, link to you, or show you. I’m tired of all that other junk, aren’t you?”

Huh? Whats that all about? Why do I need to know this? ( I did not post a screen shot to save this person embarrassment)


-Getting random friend request on Facebook.  Now, so you do not call me a hypocrite, I have a lot of friends on facebook. These are people I added that I just did not know.  I stopped doing that about 8 months ago.  I had a moment where I started sharing personal photos and got comments that were just not cool from people I did not know. That being said, I get about 10 friend requests a week from people I just do not know. We will have no friends in common, yet they want to friend me.  It bugs. If friends are so important get a fanpage for your personal brand.

-Being judged on the number of Friends/Followers/Fans. What the heck? It is not a competition.  Maybe that is why people do the above random friend requests. I hate the question ” How many people are you friends with? How many fans do you have? How many subscribers do you have? How many people do you plurk with? ” It is like you are being judged on how successful you are based on your personal worth by these numbers.  It sounds cliche but I really do believe in “Quality vs Quantity” when it comes to those things.  Yes, I know advertisers care about it, but we all are not here for that reason. (Yes, I am part of Ad.ly)


-People/Companies that are all about themselves, their  brand, what they do with no interaction.. it is called SOCIAL media. Your suppose to be social. Talk with the community not at. I am talking to you CBS The Early Show, Sarah Silverman and McDonalds. (Yes McDonald’s you have over 1 million fans on FB. You should still talk with the community.)

-What drives you nuts about Social Media?

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Why I Am Thankful For Social Media & The Community It Gave Me

Why I Am Thankful For Social Media & The Community It Gave Me


Yes, it is that time of year. When you sit around the dinner table with your friends and family. A warm fire is burning inside. The nip is in the air. Your just enjoying the moment and sipping some warm apple cider.


I live in California. Its more like this. I am sitting around the table. The  air conditioning is on, I am in shorts. I just finished  a Corona ( I like mine with lime).  Football is on and whatever team I want to win is losing.

So now that the Hallmark moment is over, let me tell you why I am thankful for Social Media and the Community it gave me. I will do this in list form, as people like lists.

-. I now have thousands of people I can reach out to when I need something. Take this blog post. I had total writers block today. I reached out and Colby Gergen said ” How about why you are thankful for social media? I think it’s that time of year…” and here you go!

-I learn something new everyday about the world. The amount of information and knowledge I get is just off the hook.  I know anything I need is out there for me to find. Wanna learn about lepercons ? The information is out there. Wanna learn about marketing? Its out there. I can find that information. BUT with  that being said, I am learning about things I am not looking to learn about.  Huh? I now know where random small cities are, cause people in my community live there. I learn about things like science, art and plants. All because people share this in my network.

-Need to raise money for a friend in need like Liz Strauss? Create a fund and people will help like they did for the The Get Well Liz Strauss Fund

Then there are the simple things I am thankful to my community for  like:

-The way I can travel to a city, get lost and ask for help via a social networking site. Within minutes I will have 50 replies with directions, information or even a phone number to call for directions. Plus someone in my community more then likely lives there.

-When I type up a blog post and need someone to review it, I post the link and get instant criticism and corrections. Keeping in mind I only asked for spelling help 🙂

-When I want to kill some time, bored waiting at the dentist, there is an unlimited number of people to chat with.

-Telling me what movie to see when I cant decide.

-I want something different for dinner and I need a recipe, they are there

-I just want a good laugh.. they can give me one.

-I have something bugging me and want to vent. They are there for me.

-I have an urgent message I want to pass on or breaking news. They pass it on for me.

The list can go on and on. So I ask you this, my community.

What are you thankful to Social Media for?

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