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An Open Letter to KTVU..My Local Fox Affilate

An Open Letter to KTVU..My Local Fox Affilate

Dear KTVU,
First I need you to know, I have been watching Channel 2 since I was like 5. Heck I remember the old theme song you know “There is only one..two!”, hear I don’t sing well, listen to it yourself:

Boy that was catchy back in the day. You ought to think about bring… sorry I am off on a tagent.

Look I am sending you this letter, not because I hate you, dislike you..though it would be nice if you played more MASH reruns, I do like MASH… sorry back to the point. In this day of people watching less tv, reading less newspapers, companies like you need to do whatever you can to stay current and go where the people are. I get that. So I was thrilled when I found out KTVU was on Twitter!

I thought how cool! I can send messages to the newsroom, get interesting info about stories your working on, what Ross is up to. I did love him on People Are Talking  back on KPIX.

Whatever happened to Ann anyway?

So imagine my dismay when I went to your Twitter page and saw this:


It is just links to videos. I can see this on your site or heck the 10:00 news. It is well..boring. There is nothing interesting here.  No, there is no rule that you have to be intresting or exciting, you can do what you want on Twitter, as Eric Rice kindly points out. Let me give you a few pointers though. I will do in in list form as people like lists:

-Do not just post links it well to quote Mike Mcallen it is “spammy”

-Give us some behind the scenes information, stories your working on. Funny things going on. Tell us something we can not see on the broadcast

-This is important, interact with other twitter followers. I said “Hi” to you yesterday and you never replied. Heck DarthVader says Hi, and he is a Sith Lord.

-Learn from NBC’s Today Show mistakes on Twitter. They did exactly what you did with nothing but links, now check it out. They answer peoples questions on Twitter and interact, heck they make funny comments and everything!

-Act like your part of the community. See NBC’s Today Show above.

-Try getting Twitter involved with your news team. Ask for leads, read users responses online. Take polls. The Twitterverse is yours for the taking.

So please dont take this the wrong way, I am on your side. I just want to help you with the learning curve! I know you can do it.. cause well there is only one two.. 😉

Hope to see you on Facebook!


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I Have Said It Once And I Will Say It Again…Content Is King

As I do every morning I go over my blog reader and catch up on my blog reading. This post from Advertising Age caught my eye:

AT&T’s iJustine Web Series Doesn’t Exactly Go Viral

YouTube Stars as Spokesmodels May not Be Such a Great Idea After All

What do you do if you’re a big mobile carrier hoping to connect with digital youth? Tap a YouTube “star” and a popular blogger to extol the virtues of AT&T mobile phones.

The premise of AT&T's series is that iJustine and blogger Karen Nguyen get lost together in various locales such as Austin and Anchorage, and have to solve various mysteries of their surroundings using AT&T phones.
The premise of AT&T’s series is that iJustine and blogger Karen Nguyen get lost together in various locales such as Austin and Anchorage, and have to solve various mysteries of their surroundings using AT&T phones.

That was the idea behind AT&T’s “Lost in America” campaign with iJustine (Justine Ezarik) and blogger Karen Nguyen. But the result is an example of how YouTube fame tends not to translate outside the world of “Fred,” “kevjumba” and “sxephil.”

The premise of the series is that the two get lost together in various locales such as Austin and Anchorage, and have to solve various mysteries of their surroundings using AT&T phones (“It is a slick phone; it’s so tiny!”).

So far, AT&T and its vloggers have published 11 episodes, produced by Tremor Media, but it’s hard to imagine anyone watching more than one, if that. The series is heavy on AT&T, but light on storyline, unless you find it interesting that Justine could be booted out of the competition if she drops her phone a fifth time.

After two weeks, the series had generated just 31,000 views across YouTube, MySpace and four other sites, according to web video distribution firm Tubemogul. The only reason they racked up that many is that iJustine posted episodes one and six on her blog, bringing in 20,000 of that total.

Okay if you want to read more about the article just follow the link up top.

So why am I sharing this? To make the point again that content is king. This campaign seems to have everything it needed to be huge.  There was (in list form of course, cause people like lists):

Ijustine (a very popular personality on the web)

Karen Nguyen


-Use of video that can go viral

So what went wrong? In my opinion not knowing any of the folks involved directly other then Ijustine (full disclosure:I have known her for a few years very casually, as most social media folks do) is content.

The finished content was just okay.   It really didn’t grab you. It didn’t make me want to check back in each episode.  I didn’t feel at least two emotions It didn’t make me really feel the need to see what was happening each episode. I just did not care.

Now in all fairness what they did was really well done and hey 30,000+ views is nothing to sneeze at. (Though an average Ijustine video alone gets around 20,000 views like this one of her dead fish, they were hoping for a lot more no doubt.)

Plus, look I am blogging about it, so there is all the online chatter that needs to be taking into consideration.

One thing of social media note, I do find interesting is that I was really unaware of this campaign till the Ad Age blog post. It makes me wonder was there a social media competent to it? Were any social networking sites involved? Blogger outreach? Also how can i send the video to friends, I do not see a way to forward the content on from the video page.

So my point was it as Ad Age makes it seem a total bust? No. Could it have had better content and a stronger social media competent? Yes.

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…But I Want My Video To Go Viral!

…But I Want My Video To Go Viral!

“Will this video go viral?”

“How soon till this video goes viral?”

” His video went viral, what about mine?”

If I got a nickel for everytime someone contacts me asking, “What do I have to do to make this video  go viral?” Its  got to be one of those classic lines social media folks get. Right up there with, “How do I measure social media results and what is twitter?” (these questions will be answered in upcoming posts).

So the answer to this question? Let us keep in mind that this answer is not limited to video. It can be a blog post, podcast, (insert media type here).

Well lets start with there is no simple answer. Its about timing, community, the message, oh and….Content. That maybe the simplest and best answer. …Content.

Content is King.

If your putting something out there that is amazing, well done and grabs people, then you have a better chance of going viral.

If your putting something that is just Blah, well then that’s what your going to get back.

My friend Tim Street, who is the brains behind French Maid TV, shared with me a simple secret to help increase the odds of a video going viral. He says ” A video must make you feel at least two emotions to go viral.” Be it sadness, happiness, anger, love, etc, etc. I think he is dead on with that. So my tips for things you should do to help a video go viral? Let me share them in list form, people like lists:

-Feel at least two emotions (thank you Tim.)

-Its got to be simple to share. So have  the sharing tools already embedded and available for the person. A simple tool like ShareThis will do it all.

-Its got to be simple. Something Straight and to the point. Do not make people think to hard.

-If they share it what is in it for them? Maybe making their friends laugh? Could it be helping a cause they believe in? Are they maybe getting linklove?(Wait for upcoming blog post to explain linklove)

-Timing. I believe the time of day and day of the week play into the release of a video too. If you do it at night people may be sleeping, but they check webpages in the morning and forward things on. Then you need to factor in other countries too. Remember we need to think global, not local sometimes.

Again, I use videos as the example but it about content in general.



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