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A Break Up Letter To Facebook

A Break Up Letter To Facebook

Dear Facebook,

Our relationship has come to an end as we know it,  I am sorry to say. Its not you.. its me. Do not be sad. Really, I am going to miss you. See look.. I have no more friends left to add. I do not know anymore people to send friend requests to. Look I have added:

-My co workers even the strange guy who keeps  inviting me to mob wars twice a week

-My Buddies who just created an account to add young college girls.

-All my high school friends, including those people I never said one word to and the senior who shoved me into the girls bathroom when I was a freshman. I guess we are friends now.

-Elementary school friends I have not spoken to since 2nd grade when we played star wars on the playground. So let us see I was  8 when I was 2nd grade and never spoke to them since. Do we even have anything to discuss? It was 30 years ago since I have talked to them I guess we must have alot of catching up to do.

- All the big names in social media  I follow but have no idea who I am like Chris Brogan, Robert Scoble, Brian Solis and such. So maybe there aren’t friend requests, more like “Fan Requests”. I’m just thrilled they added me back. I am such a fanboy.

-My friends’ friends, you know the type. You meet them at your common friend Ed’s party, then Facebook commands you must add them cause you have Ed in common. You have never talked to them or seen them since.

-The guy who bags my groceries, not sure how he got my email

- People who work at companies at Customer Service companies I emailed to complain about poor customer service so we emailed a few times: Yes You Susie at AT&T and Paul at G.E.! Not sure why you want to add me on Facebook but whatever. I figure they checked their email contacts in friend finder and just hit add all.

That is it, I have no one left to friend request. You have them all.I’m done..

Okay to be completely honest there is a little more to it:

-I have no more room for (Lil) Green patch

- I don’t need any more Pieces of Flair in my life

- I already have found out Which 80′s Movie defines me about 10 times (Ferris Bueller by the way)

-I really appreciate everyone asking me when my birthday is on Birthday Calendar but I wish they would send gifts or just look at the Facebook birthday notification on the front page. I just don’t get that application.

-The pressure to update your status. I can not handle it anymore. I’m just not that interesting! For example.. “Dave is Reading. Dave is eating. Dave is getting the boil lanced on his foot and boy does it hurt.” Hey I am just saying.

-Seeing what a great life that the girl I dated when I was 15 is having. She dumped me for the Junior who was 17 could drive. I still hate her for that. So thanks to you Facebook I can see she married the jerk(who invited some stupid tech thing) has 3 kids, great job and is loaded. That just brightens my day every time she posts status updates like ” Tiffany is playing tennis at noon on Wed. Tiffany is waiting on her Au Pair to show up. Tiffany..blah blah. Just salt in my wound.

So its over Facebook. I will miss you but I think with over 100,000,000 users you wont miss me…


See you around


Are you still here?

Do you not  have somewhere to be?

Great, because I do not either.  I’m addicted. I must see what I am going for on Friends For Sale! and am I still 3rd in the Coolest Person Contest? Maybe I need to go to Facebook Users Anonymous.  I think I have a crush on Facebook.

So what is my point here?

That social networks are here to stay and they are going to grow and change from the way we are using them today. The way we use them will evolve. Once the wheat is separated from the chaff (i.e when they have matured). Social networks will focus on what we need them for most. They will evolve from still being somewhat of a nice way to catch up and trade flair  with friends to becoming even a more useful tool. A tool you will need in your everyday life. This will be the key.

The possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned as I will be explaining my thoughts on this further.

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New York Times Gets Social Media!

New York Times Gets Social Media!

So this will be a quick and short post. Wanna see something really cool? Thought you would! Check this out!

See! Pretty cool huh?

The newspaper! Im talking about the New York Times “Obama Wins” Headline. See you can give it as a gift to someone on Facebook! Here look at what my friend C.C. gave to Steve

Click on the image if you are having trouble seeing it, I will wait.

So here is my point. The New York Times has 2,000,000 plus of these things for people to give to one another on Facebook. Its a mini NYT newspaper.  People send them to their friends in excitement for the Obama win or like I did to my friend John, to throw salt in his wound.  My point though is this is part of online branding for you right there! This is social media at its best.  People are sending millions of NYT gifts back and forth on Facebook, cause they want to!

Another cool thing is that FB then sees what is happening between the users and the system says to its self ” Ah, Steve must be interested in Obama lets hit him with some custom advertising on his screen! See the NYT:Obama Wins ad on the right side? More then likely you don’t even know its happening, its really a natural flow that is niche marketing and online branding. NYT gets it!

…and yes Facebook knows what you are doing, talking about  and sending. It creates custom ads based on what your doing. Do not think for a minute they are not watching!

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Social Media And NBC's The Today Show

Social Media And NBC's The Today Show

We hear all this, chatter(get it chatter..newmediachatter? Anyway…) about the power of social media.  Why newspapers, TV and radio should be scared. Why they need to keep up with the times. How people are getting their information from other places. Oh and how they are interacting directly with the companies, the brands and of course the people.

So check this out.

About a year ago NBC did a profile on me regarding my work in virtual worlds. (Yes, virtual worlds are part of the whole social media world and just not for kids.)  In all of NBC’s wisdom they sent correspondent Peter Alexander to meet with me and do the interview. Well, it seems that Peter and I hit off (or I just stalk him) and still chat till this day. Our relationship grew and we decided to take the next logical step. We became Facebook friends. (I asked him.)

In September 2008, NBC sent Peter to the Arctic for a 10 day cruise. Well, when it was all said and done it was 23 days. Yes he was stuck on a boat in the Arctic for 23 days! You can read about this great adventure here. But this lovely trip is not the point of my blog, nor am I bragging I know Peter, (lord knows that’s not worth bragging about.)

It seems one can be stuck in the Arctic for 23 days and not be able to get off the ship, but you still can have internet.


Anyway, Peter would go on to Facebook and update us on his status and what he was doing. Like the great food, the damaged Ipod, the Search and Rescue that caused them to miss  1 of 5 chances to get off the ship. He would share little pieces of information and post comments back. At one point a Free Peter Alexander Group was even created. Yet as I watched the Today Show on NBC they never once mentioned Peter’s situation.  Until around day 19.

On Day 19 Meredith and Matt teased they would be sharing where Peter has been for past 2 1/2 weeks. Then it hit me… I know exactly where he has been. What he has been doing. How frustrated he is. Heck, I have talked to him this week via walls posts. Have you Matt?

When they brought Peter on air, he told about why he was there, when he left, how he got stuck thanks to weather, the search and rescue and more. I knew all this already I thought. This is old news. Heck, I knew more then Matt and Meredith. This is well.. old news.

So my point? Well, Social Media heck, Facebook has allowed me to know where Peter was, what he was doing, how he felt, share the experience and talk to him better, faster and more vested then TV ever will.

Oh, Matt… Meredith, Peter got home on day 23.  I know his situation was not truly news worthy, but I have become vested in it and you have not updated the viewers. Lastley, NBC missed a great way to engage their views, oh the things they could of done via social media while Peter was stuck….

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