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Using Personal Branding To Find A Job

Using Personal Branding To Find A Job

No I have not blog faded! Yes, I am still here. No, you can not get rid of me. I spent the last week up in the Trinity Alps area of Weaverville, California. The middle of nowhere.  Yet, the town is a total Mayberry place.  The movie theater guy sells the tickets, sells the popcorn, takes the tickets, etc. One Gas station. One Grocery Store.


We stayed at the Trinity Alps Resort. This is a place where there is no:

-cell phone coverage

-Internet access



..well you get the idea. My family loves it. I, on the other hand am a team player and go with the flow.

So, this gives me a lot of time to bond with my family and think.

What do I think about when cut off from the outside world? Web Pages…homepages, branding.

(Yes, I need to see a shrink.)

So here is my thoughts on this. If you are a job seeker in this market, you need to have your own website about yourself. Call it a website, homepage, web page or whatever. You need to have a place where people can learn about you.-You are a brand! Yes, it is true. Personal branding is where I am going with this. Say you are an accountant named ” John Hoeser”. (hey I like that name.) You apply for a job. On your resume you put a link to www.johnhoeser.com.


The future employer can go and learn more about you on your site. Also it well help you get the word out about who you are, what you do, what you know and why your the accounting guru! There are many things you can do to this page to increase your brand awareness. . Let me share some of this in list form. People like lists:

-Create an About Page. Share that you are John the Accountant. What your background is in the field. Your achievements, notable accomplishments and why your an accounting guru. (Not an Expert! That term makes my hair stand up.)

-Have a blog. Write articles about accounting and other subjects. Give your insight about the field.  Have this new content come out at least once a week.

-Comment back to people who leave comments on your page. It shows your active, social and well people like knowing someone is reading their comments.

– Have a linkedin.com badge on your site. Just another way people can learn about your background and knowledgeable  in the field. As well as who you are connected to and any recommendations you have gotten.

– Drop your new content (blog posts) on sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, and Twitter.

-Have a RSS.

-Leave comments on other accounting sites. People like comments, right? As well as it gives you a web presence.

-Use linkedin’s Q & A section

-Network offline. Yep, there is more to life then being online. Go to meetups, tweetups, social breakfasts and such. That is where I get most of my prospects and leads!

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How to use Social Networking Sites To Find A Job

How to use Social Networking Sites To Find A Job

So I have noticed a change in the request for interviews and speaking engagements over the past few months. I am getting a lot of requests for tips/tricks on using social networking to find a job. Now, with the economy is I totally can see why people are turning to this medium.  In the past 2 weeks  I have been interviewed for:

How Facebook Can Help Job Seekers Find Employment

-Tweet, Tweet: How to Incorporate Twitter Into Your Job Search

Asked to on using Social Networking  & Linkedin to find a job at:

International Association of Administrative Professionals

NeCon East

So I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and tricks that you can use to help find a job. I think I should do it in list form, as people like lists!

Using Twitter

-Post to your Twitter profile, I am looking for a job! So simple, I know some people do not event think to do that.

-Use Twitter Search to find a job based on keywords. Example: CSR Wanted, Denver got me this:


The key here is to play around with the search terms to narrow it down better to what you are looking for.

Also in regards to Twitter Search, use it to find people in your field of work and add them! You need to Network and build your community.

-Follow accounts like: @jobangels, @freelancejobs @manpower

-Use Twitterjobsearch.com

Using Linkedin
-Complete your profile, amazing how many people do not do that.

-Use SEO. Put in keywords your profile, play around with it to increase your visibility.  It is a good idea to find just the right words to describe what you do.  You will know you are on the right track when you see this box:


So lets say you are in website development, use keywords like HTML, MySQl, etc. These are words people may use to find someone with your skills.

The more times you come up in search, well..the better!!

-Save business cards. When your meeting people, chatting folks up, make sure to get their business cards. Then go back to your linkedin profile and add them.  Yes, simple.

-Put a picture up. This goes for both Twitter and Linkedin, it ads something when you can see what a person looks like.

The Answers Section!! The most underused, yet powerful tool on the site! It is where the magic happens. This is where people in your field post questions they need help with. They are reaching out for “An Expert”. That expert is you! Get on it, respond, refer, engage, chat it up, etc. This is where networking happens. Questions in my area look like this:


Hope some of these tips help. What are some tools /tricks you use to find a job?

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My Social Media Tools AKA Social Media Tips/Tricks

My Social Media Tools AKA Social Media Tips/Tricks


I owe a lot of blog posts. I owe them to myself. I keep telling myself I am going to blog about this..or that.. or whatchamacallit ( i did like that candy bar). I’ll sit down and my desk to start typing and think “What was that great idea I had for a blog?” It is gone like that. Yep, in one ear and out the other…, this comes as no shock to my wife.She can remember the color of a tie I wore to a wedding over 10 years ago. The name of some random street we drove by one time, in some city we have never been back to since. It is amazing.

As many of you know, I just got my first IPhone. This handy device is amazing. It is one of the simple applications on it that has inspired this post. ( Though my experience with the IPhone is for another blog post, yes I wrote that idea down.)

The Voice Memos. I can not live without it now. The ability to record little messages to myself about things, has changed my work flow. I find myself recording everything so I don’t forget ideas.  Things like:

-Blog about this

– Pick up That

-Call Mrs.Whatsherface

I have become Mr. Organized now, thanks to it.

So this got me thinking.. what are some of the everyday “Social Media Tools” do I use that may be worth sharing? I am not going to go into great detail about each tool, as that could be a blog post by itself. I think I will share it with you in list form. As people like lists.

Google Reader: The hands down best blog reader out there.  Simply put  blog reader brings the blog articles to you. Instead of checking websites all the time for updated content you just subscribe to a RSS feed and it will update the blog reader. For more on this you can  read this earlier blog post I did on Google Reader.

Twitter: By now you know all about it.  If you don’t, you can read about it here. The key as a social media tool is not only the networking but the content you wade through. The comments you can see, the interactions. The best tools for that I think is Twitter Search and TweetDeck

Xmarks: Now you need to use FireFox to run this addon. Everybody uses Firefox right? Right? This is a bookmark aka favorities addon. It lets me access my bookmarks from any computer. Brilliant!

Stumbleupon: I think I may be alone on this one. Maybe just in the minority. I find stumbleupon to be really successful in driving traffic to my blog vs Digg. The idea behind stumbleupon is that simply put, is that people will look for random links on a subject. It makes recommendations based on the information you give it. Think of it as a changing channels on a radio till you find a song you like.

Ping.Fm: I cant live without it. Lets me post to several social networking sites at one time. So yes, you will see the same post/status on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even Plurk.

GoogleDocs: Who needs Microsoft Office? I can access my documents from any computer and even my phone. You can have several people edit a document at the same time, make notes, whatever. Heck, my wife now does grocery lists for me on it now and makes changes while I am in the store. This is my favorite of all of items on this list, okay maybe not more then Twitter.

Noteworthy sites in no particular order:

Linkedin: The Q & A section is very powerful

Facebook: Ready for this. Every morning I wish people a Happy Birthday on Facebook. Yep, its social networking at its basic. It starts great conversations with people and lets me check in. Werid? Yes. Does it help me network? Yes.

Meetups AkA Tweetups Nope, its not an application. Not a widget. Its real life. Nothing beats face time. I put together meetups and just network. Its the most powerful tool of them all…. and may even get you local coverage

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The Social Media Shameless Link Post For June 2009

Plugs..Links..Shout Outs..OH MY!! There is no avoiding it, let me just be upfront and honest. This are straight out shameless plugs and such. So let me skip the witty banter and get right into it. I will do it in list form as people like lists!!


-Tomorrow June 24, 2009 I will be having the Peninsula Twitter & Facebook Meetup For June 2009 at the Silicon Valley Four Seasons Hotel starting at 7:00 pm poolside. Please join the 150+ people, LSF Interactive and myself for this free event!


-On July 8, 2009 I will be speaking at the International Association of Administrative Professionals in San Jose, California.


-On August 13, 2009 I will be speaking at Marketing In The Oilfield Conference in Houston, Texas.

-Some of you have asked if we  can connect on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. So since this is shameless links here are some places we can network



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Using Social Media For Good..

Using Social Media For Good..

I have noticed a trend lately in the social media space. Well there are several trends right now in the space.

Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable pointed out the top 5 for Twitter. Such things as:

-Real Time Search Engines

-Verified Accounts

-Sponsored Tweets

-Well you can just read Jennifer’s great post…

One trend I see picking up is what I am going to call “Social Media For Good”. Now before you say, “Dave using Social Media to do good things has been around for every.” True, but with all these different social networking sites and instant communication tools, things are changing.

Let me share with you a few different sort of ways people are using these tools to do good things. By good I don’t mean “helping me get 16,000 friends in 90 days on Twitter”.  Nor will I ask you to join a Facebook Cause. I will share this with you in list form. People like lists:


Drew, who I have known for several years was diagnosed with cancer in May and.. , instead of me explaining I will post what he wrote on the page:

Drew Olanoff was diagnosed with cancer.  Ever since that day, Drew has blamed everything on his cancer. Losing his keys, misplacing his wallet, Twitter being slow, the Phillies losing, etc. Why? Because you have to beat up on Cancer to win… and you can help out. Blame Drew’s Cancer for anything you want by tweeting with the hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer and it’ll come here. We’ll keep a tally and when Drew beats Cancer, our sponsors will donate a dollar for every participant to the American Cancer Society and the Make a Wish Foundation.”


Sophie Azouaou is “the interior designer who gives back” as well as the 7X7′s Community Impact contributor where she gives tips on giving back that “put your mind and your wallet at east”. She is what Change Starts At Home calls a “Change Maker”.  Currently she is working on “Touching Hearts” a TV show that will look at philanthropy and The Real Stories for NBC Bay Area. They have just started a donation campaign  to help their show get off the ground and make a difference. It will air right after Monday Night Football in the fall. If you want to get involved or donate, which gets you a credit on the show, contact Sophie direct or go the the Touching Hearts site. Her goal is to use all aspects of Social Media to get the show off the ground!

The Twestival. In February 2009 about 200+ cities around the world held these events. All with one cause, to help let people know about Charity:Water. When all was said and done they raised about $250,000. The key here is that thanks to Twitter it from a local event, to a global event. Come on, that’s pretty cool…


In January of this year David Armano asked people to help a woman and her children who wanted to get out of a domestic abuse situation. He simply reached out and asked people to donate. No big party. No big event. Just do what you can. Well that request raised almost $17,000 for Daniella’s Apartment Fund!

So there you are people using the Internet, social networking and sites for good. To do good things.

I like it!

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Thanks Facebook For the Vanity Urls..But There Are More Features I Want..

Thanks Facebook For the Vanity Urls..But There Are More Features I Want..


First, about 2 hours ago Facebook announced they will be giving vanity urls starting his Friday June 12, 2009 at 9:01 am. This is a great thing for branding, marketing and companies. This got me thinking. There are several features I would like to see on some social networking sites. So let us step into……

In a world where I get what I want. In an imaginary place where companies listen to their customers/users.. there is one man who hopes that the: CEO, President, Community Manager, Guy Who Makes Sure Everyone Is Happy Manager listens.. ME! So listen up Facebook, Twitter and  all you others.

This is a list of things I want. Okay maybe it is more of a, wouldn’t be nice if? Kind of thing. I will share it with you in list form as people like lists!


– Facebook I want a little button at the bottom of a persons profile where I can click “Add them to a friend list?” You click it, a drop down menu lets you pick the friend list they are added to. Its easy, quick and will make my life easier. (cause its all about me!)

-How about a mouse over feature that says “Did you know?” or “Other ways to do this!” Look if you reading this post, more than likely you are pretty familiar with the “Online World, Social Media, etc (insert hot buzz term here). Great, but we are the minority here. Most people do not know you can send pictures to Facebook via email or text. Nor do they know they can update their status the same way. After they do an upload, update, etc. give them a “Hey non power user did you know?” Heck all the parents at my kids school would thank you!


-Hey Twitter. I’m talking to you. I want a friend list option on your site. It needs to work like the facebook one I listed above. Get on that.. please and thank you.

-oh, how about the option to post hyperlinks with text? That way I have a better idea what they are about!

-Since I got on the subject of the whole mouse over thing. Sure would be nice..no make that GREAT if I could put my mouse over a persons pic and see their important stats. Oh, Oh, Oh… I know let’s do that with the whole “@joeblow” thing too. I want to mouse over that and see stats in the text box.


-Linkedin, here is what I want. Now follow me on this. Every now and then I will use the “check your email” feature. I email a lot.  What happens I will do a lot of group emails with people. Some I do no know that well.  So it would be great if you could find a way to display the emails to pick from by “email a lot all the way down to emailed once”. Then I can pick if I should add them. Also, find lets have a filter/fuzzy logic on emails with words like “support, craigslist, etc” I dont want to add Support@huggies.com”

So what features would you like to see on some of these sites?

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An Open Letter To Sony Regarding Social Media.

An Open Letter To Sony Regarding Social Media.


Dear Sony,

First, I wanted to make sure everything is good with you. I know its been a while since we have chatted. Actually, we have really never chatted. Though you did have Technorati reach out to me  in early March 2009. It was just before SXSW 2009. You probably don’t remember, I know your a really busy company. Well with E3, your Samsung LCD venture, and of course that exciting announcement that Sade has an album coming out for the first time in like 9 years No offense but waiting 30 years for that album would of been better.(I’m just saying.)

So what I wanted to share with you is an update on the partnership you did with Technorati just before the SXSW 2009. I know with everything going on you don’t remember it. Let me try to jog your memory.

You were kind enough to send myself and 9 other bloggers these really kick ass Webbie HD video cameras. All you asked is when we use it at the conference was to tag photos and pics with the hashtag #webbiesxsw. How could any of us say no? (Look we both know Julia Roy sure wouldn’t! I think she tried to steal mine, so she could have two.) So with my trusty Webbie HD I mad amazing, educational, social media  videos like this:

Pretty great huh? Fine, I suck at video taping. I get it. Okay, so Sony you may wonder, “why is this guy writing this letter to us almost 4 months after the fact? We aren’t sending you another free camera and you cant have a free PS3 either, so move along.”  Do not worry. I do  not want any free stuff, though if I were to hit you up for something it would be the PS3 Slim.

So back to my point of this letter. It must of taking some good faith in Social Media for a big company like you to the Webbie SXSW/blogger promotion. Not being able to directly measure the ROI for this campaign. Not knowing if it helped sell these devices. No doubt you could see the chatter on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the other thousands of social networking sites. Yet, it is hard to measure if that chatter turned into sales.

Well, I have some good news for you. Social Media works. What you did worked. Let me give you some examples. I will do it in list form. People like lists!

-In the past 30 days 5. Yes, 5 families have bought the Webbie because they have seen me using at my kids school. Scary part is they all got the same color as me. So, now I have to put my initials on the bottom of it.

-At least 8  people have emailed me directly in the last 90 days to ask me about what video camera I use.  Of that I know of 4 people who have bought the camera.

-Facebook..where do I start. When I upload a video it has that HD logo in the corner. The number of people who have commented on the quality of the video and sound is crazy. I can not say I know exactly how many people have bought the Webbie. I do know that there have been a lot of comments and questions about it on my profile page and fanpage.(yes, I have a facebook fanpage stop laughing at me.) Done laughing? Here is a Facebook video example that got the parents fired up about the Webbie:

So, there you go. I can confirm at least 14 sales of the webbie as well as several more potential sales coming your way!! That is not a bad ROI for sending a blogger a $200.00 video camera. We do not even know how many sales the other 9 bloggers generated.  This is what I would call a success story, as well as a great case study showing that Social Media and Word of Mouth marketing do work.

Oh in case anyone at Sony sees this or who knows, maybe even reads my blog. No, I was not paid to do this. Yes, I got a free Webbie from Sony. There is your full disclosure at work!


Dave Peck

Social Media Strategist

LSF Interactive

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The 140 Twitter Conference Is Over…Say It Is Not So!!

The 140 Twitter Conference Is Over…Say It Is Not So!!


So the following comments are my own personal thoughts regarding the 140 The Twitter Conference. They are impartial   and not biased. You may think they could be biased due to the following things, which I will share in list form, as people like lists:

-I was on the “Best Practices: How to be a Twitter God(dess) panel with Tara Hunt and Ijustine.

LSF Interactive was a Media Sponsor

-There was a press release

-There was a fancy bio about me.

-I well…use Twitter a little..just a little really!

-I got to stand on stage! Here is what it looked like from my point of view:

Okay, so disclaimer is out of the way, now back to the review of the conference.

So instead of me typing up a review about what happened who did what, etc, etc. I thought I would try something different. Ill let the links do the talking…

Live blogging from #140tc Alex Payne (head of Twitter’s API team)

The Twitterverse, a map of Twitter tools

-Live blog of the @anamitra keynote at #140tc

Tara Hunts ” 40 Reasons Why Twitter Rawks”

Heck here are some more presentation slides

What I learned at the 140 Twitter Conference

Pictures..we have pictures

Mercury News Article

-140tc Search Results

So there you go, seems to have been a pretty cool event. Fingers crossed it happens again next year

If you have any links that I missed, which no doubt I did. Please share them!

P.S. Not sure who to give photo credit to at top. Let me know if it is your photo!


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Twitter, Twitter, Twitter Everywhere…

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter Everywhere…


Here a Twitter. There a Twitter. Everywhere a Twitter. It is like you can not avoid the the tweets posted by those who tweeters. . I mean some may have tweetaholism and become tweetaholics.  Im not going to be tweepish about this, nor should you when you the tweeple who twead this.  Twitter is not for the the tweepish nor a place for tweerboxes. So let me tweet-back to my point.

Well I think you get might point, Twitter is everywhere and being used by everyone. Let me give you a rundown of observations I have made just in the last 24 hours. I will do it in list form, cause people like lists.

-I watched a Desperate Housewives episode on Hulu and Tom Scavo could not get a job cause he did not know what Twitter was.

-There was a post by Domino’s Pizza asking how they can get their brand name on Twitter as someone else has both Domino’s and Dominospizza i.e squatters.

-There is @nakedpizza who uses Twitter to bring in 15% of its daily business according to an Adage article titled “Twitter Proves Its Worth as a Killer App for Local Businesses

-Rumors are that Google will now index Twitter

-There was even a NCAA Recruiting Violation on Twitter!

-Starbucks is going to start marketing on Twitter

-Oh and Patrick Swayze is not dead, no matter what tweeps on Twitter say

So my point. Twitter is big. Its getting bigger everyday.  Then there is this post from today: Social Media Fails To Manifest As Marketing Medium, Report Likens Twitter To TiVo: More Hype Than Reality Ill give you the take away from the article which is:

“Social media has reached critical mass, with 83% of the Internet population now using it – and more than half doing so on a regular basis – according to new research being released today by Knowledge Networks. But for all the media industry’s hype and buzz surrounding social networks, microblogs, and other social networking platforms, the genre has failed to become much of a marketing medium, and in the opinion of the Knowledge Networks’ analysts, likely never will”

I’m not buying it. Not because its what I do to feed my family. Nor am I in denial because on May 26th I will be speaking on a panel at the 140 |Twitter Conference in Mountain View with @ijustine and @missrogue. (like how I did a plug right there? Use discount code: int140tc)

Nor am I saying this because I have the Peninsula Twitter and Facebook Meet-up for June 2009, that I have put together happening at the Four Season in Silicon Valley. (what another plug?)

Look people are watching less tv. If they are they have DVR’s to go past the commercials. There are mp3 players, satiellte radio and sites like Ilike.com that are replacing radio. Newspapers are dying when you can get your news online.

Look, maybe something better will come down the pipe that will blow social media out of the water. Sure, but it is not going away anytime soon.

Okay let me put my soapbox away.


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The Social Media Shameless Link Post

The Social Media Shameless Link Post


Yep..its another one.  Hey, it has been about a month since the last one. Just so much to share and too little time to do it.  So you get it all in one nice post! So here is information  and self promotion with links to things I want to share,people to thank  or think you may find of interest. If your not interested, that’s okay, you can always look for my spelling errors and give me a hard time.. I make a lot.

Scared yet?

So away we go…

– Starting  today I am “test driving” the 2009 Ford Flex. I get to use the car until next week. Let it be known, I am so not a car guy. I know nothing about them. What I am is a gadget guy. The built in media center brings me to tears, its amazing. Get this, its all voice activated.  Ill need to take some pics of that and post. Here is a short video and a pic:


-On April 23rd I organized the Peninsula Twitter and Facebook Meetup.  It went really well. There were roughly 115 people who came throughout the night! Here is some video. I will be putting together some sort of event page shortly for future meetups.

The Community 2.0 Conference is May 11-13, 2009 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Myself,  Connie Bensen and Kellie Parker will be leading an all day workshop called “Getting Started with Community” on May 11.


-The 140 Twitter Conference will take place on May 26th and 27th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, they are bringing together the top gurus in the Twitosphere to discuss all things Twitter, from understanding the business value of Twitter to exploring the what makes a great Twitter app. As LSF Interactive is a media sponsor of this event, where I work, I have a discount code to share.

Discount Code of in140tc for 140 Twitter Conference 2009

Social Media Club

– Do not forget that ever week you can listen to the Social Media Club Editorial Board come up with a question of the week for everyone to comment on.

Yes, Im part of the board. (Come on its shameless plugs right?)


-Because this if for a Thesis for Roskilde University and he asked really nice,  I thought I would pass this on. Aleksander Sonder of Copenhagen, Denmark is doing a quick survey regarding the Corporate Use Of Twitter. The data is updated and open to everyone here.


-A big thank you to Techcrunch for putting on  a Star Trek Screening tonight here in Redwood City. They are giving up to 4 tickets per person for $2.00 each with popcorn and a drink! Oh you also get bragging rights to have seen the movie early! So myself and my sons will be there when the doors open!

-As always I update my Twitter Feed with articles/info I think worth passing on and my other random posts if you just cant get enough of me. 😉

Okay, hope I did not miss anything…. Live Long and Prosper! (yes I am a geek.)

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