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Your Week In Review Now With Extra Discount Codes

Your Week In Review  Now With Extra Discount Codes

Lots of interesting things this week.  Why don’t we just dive in? Great here we go…

-Blogging, blogs, bloggers… some have said that blogging is soooo 2008. Not according to this report from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research! It stats that 13% of Fortune 500 and 39% of the Inc. 5000 currently have a blog! You can read more about it here as well as review a copy of the report

-In case you were worried I would not mention Facebook today, do not be. As of this post they should have hit 160 million users.

-Oh and yes, I must mention Twitter.  Recently it got $20 million and it is said its total valuation is $250 million, now they just need to monetize all this. Take a look at a great post by Joe Hall here about how “Twitter is a Cash Cow in the Making”


-Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and social media is in full swing! Take a look at “Super Bowl ’09: Social Media Hits The Gridiron” to learn about all the blogging, Youtube videos, Tweets and more.

-What you ask? Who are the brands that are using social media? Who gets talked about the most online? Glad you asked! Here is a list of “The Most Social Brands of 2008″. The top 50 are impressive.


-May 11-13, 20o9 The Palace Hotel in San Francisco  will host the 3rd Annual Community 2.0 Confrence, which I am proud to be a speaker at.  Since I will be speaking at this event, you are eligible to receive a discount of 20% off the standard pricing – please use code SPKRM2105DP when you register! Visit the website or download the brochure for more information on the 25+ cross-industry speakers joining me at this event and the actionable insights they will arm you with for success in social media.


-March 21 to April 2 Web 2.0 Expo 2.0 will be at the Moscone West.  The discount code for that is “websf09tr3” - It can be used on their online registration form. Ill be talking about this confrence more in the future.

Have a great weekend and go Steelers!

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Do Social Networking Sites Belong In The Work Place?

Do Social Networking Sites Belong In The Work Place?

It is time to answer, or at least attempt to answer, a tough question I have received.  Joel Postman, yes the Joel Postman who has a book coming out called SocialCorp; Social Media Goes Corporate, asked me if I think “Large companies should block employees from using Social Networking Sites At Work?” Wow, Joel does not throw softball questions at all.

So, my answer to the question?  Yes, they should allow their employees to have access to the Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Bebo, sites of the world.  The benefits out way the negative claims of loss of productivity. Also, some employees wont work at places that block SocialNetworks.

Since I am for allowing employees to access these sites, I think it would be a good idea to put my reasons why down in list form. People like lists.

-SocialNetworks are a great way for online marketing. Your employees have the name of the place they work right there for the world to see on their Myspace profile. Its free online advertising.

-Imagine  the brain trust. Heave a problem at work? Stuck on something? Ask the question on a social network.  That’s how this blog post came about. I asked my SocialNetwork for blog post ideas

-Think of the business networking. Your employee is on Linkedin and able to network with their peers and customers. Going to the Q & A area of Linkedin can get people thinking. It can get the brain juices flowing.

-Increased customer relationships. Employees will end up adding customers to their SocialNetworks. This will increase the bonds with your clients. “Oh, Mike I saw the cute pictures of your new baby, how cute”. Your employees will get to know their customers better and on a whole new level.

- Lets say your an accountant. There must be a SocialNetwork out there for accounts. Its probably got a forums area where accountants share ideas, thoughts and give/get help. I would want my employees to be part of that.

-Social networking sites are where over 100 million people are worldwide. I would want my company and employees to be there and not my competition. I would want to own that social networking space. Have people go, “Wow that company gets it.”

-If you do not give the employees access, they will find away to get on the sites. I have a friend who works at Visa which does not allow access to sites like twitter. This person has already found a work around to get to twitter on the first day it was blocked.

-Using it can increase your sales and brand recognition.  Look at Zappos. They encourage their employees to be on networks. 

-It will help increase company communication. Serna uses Facebook as their internet.

I think the simple answer here its the way things are going. SocialNetworks are becoming part of everyday routines. Just like reading the news online is common instead of getting a newspaper delivered. Companies need to open up these channels of communication to their employees, while at the same time educating their employees on proper use.  As in everything education is key.

Now before you post comments saying, “My company will lose productivity, I dont know what my employees are doing, etc ” Think about how you can make the SocialNetworks work for you and your company. These are amazing tools that all companies should be using..before their competion does.

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