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Some Of The Top Moments For Social Media In 2009

Some Of The Top Moments For Social Media In 2009
Another year down.. it seems to me as we get older the years just move faster. I swear I was 16 years old just last week. Well, I know I act like I am a kid still. I will grow up soon, I promise.


Another year down.. it seems to me as we get older the years just move faster. I swear I was 16 years old just last week. Well, I know I act like I am a kid still. I will grow up soon, I promise.

I want to take a moment to look back at some of the top Social Media moments for this past year. Instead of you reading what I think, let us take a look at what you guys think are the top moments. I reached out to my community for their opinions. Let me share their responses and thoughts in list form. As well, people like lists.

Lisa Whelan, Business development, strategy & marketing consultant: It’s been a great year in social media. These are a few of my favorite moments… The results of the 3rd annual research study conducted by UMASS Dartmouth researchers on the use of Social Media within the Inc. 500. They found “social media matters and is here to stay,” with 91% of respondents using at least one social media tool (versus 77% of respondents in 2008 and 43% saying that social media was a “very important” part of their marketing/business strategy. Dell announcing that directly attributed $3 Million in revenue generation to its use of Twitter between June 07 and June 09. Motorola’s release of the CLIQ with MOTOBLUR was interesting. It highlighted the growing convergence between Mobile and social media and provided a new way for consumers to easily access their social networks from a mobile device straight out of the box.

-Tamela Coval, SR Vp Business Development at Rentwiki.com: For those of us who never cease to be amazed by the “truth is stranger than fiction” idiom, it’s a toss-up between…
When Ashton Kutcher became the first ever to roll over the “1 Million Twitter Follower”mark. OR   When John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston broke up because he was addicted to Twitter.You can ROTFL or roll your eyes over these stories, but they made history, social statements regarding our culture (or lack of it) and influence how we all live work and play.

Spencer Helm, SEM Specialist at Amplify Interactive: The Iranian elections proved Twitter and Social Media could be a force for change and valuable information aside from what your favorite celebrity is doing, or suggestions from your friends.

Kevin Lockett, Founder at HireJam: Key moment of the year, bar none was Michael Jackson’s death on Twitter. I’m a MJ fan and I was saddened that he died, but to me, that was the day Twitter (and TMZ) became a force for not just social media types, but non social media types worldwide. Information was coming so fast and furious that people on Twitter were dispensing the news faster than professional news outlet. I was able o send my MJ Tiwitter info to non social media friends MJ info via text, emails, and my Web.20 friends on Facebook and MySpace. That day in June is one that I will never forget, but it is also a day that I realized the true power of social media.

-Lous D. LoPresti ll, Strategic Consulting: The utilization of twitter’s platform by the Iranian protestors was and is PARAMOUNT to everything else. Coverage of a pop-star’s death pales in comparison.

Margie Clayman, Director of Development at Clayman Advertising: I agree, the use of Twitter during the Iranian protests was really an astounding preview of what the world could be like perhaps a mere few months or years from now.

Adam Metz, Principal Metz Consulting: The ROI moment: When Salesforce launched the Chatter program, which allows brands to discretely track outcomes on a customer-to-customer level for large scale-social customer management implementations.

What do you think the top moment for Social Media was in 2009?

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How to use Social Networking Sites To Find A Job

How to use Social Networking Sites To Find A Job

So I have noticed a change in the request for interviews and speaking engagements over the past few months. I am getting a lot of requests for tips/tricks on using social networking to find a job. Now, with the economy is I totally can see why people are turning to this medium. Combining this with professional resume writers through platforms like https://www.arcresumes.com/local/illinois/ as well as others can make their social media pages stand out to prospective employers. In the past 2 weeks I have been interviewed for:

How Facebook Can Help Job Seekers Find Employment

-Tweet, Tweet: How to Incorporate Twitter Into Your Job Search

Asked to on using Social Networking & Linkedin to find a job at:

International Association of Administrative Professionals

NeCon East

So I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and tricks that you can use to help find a job. I think I should do it in list form, as people like lists!

Using Twitter

-Post to your Twitter profile, I am looking for a job! So simple, I know some people do not event think to do that.

-Use Twitter Search to find a job based on keywords. Example: CSR Wanted, Denver got me this:


The key here is to play around with the search terms to narrow it down better to what you are looking for.

Also in regards to Twitter Search, use it to find people in your field of work and add them! You need to Network and build your community.

-Follow accounts like: @jobangels, @freelancejobs @manpower

-Use Twitterjobsearch.com

Using Linkedin
-Complete your profile, amazing how many people do not do that.

-Use SEO. Put in keywords your profile, play around with it to increase your visibility. It is a good idea to find just the right words to describe what you do. You will know you are on the right track when you see this box:


So lets say you are in website development, use keywords like HTML, MySQl, etc. These are words people may use to find someone with your skills.

The more times you come up in search, well..the better!!

-Save business cards. When your meeting people, chatting folks up, make sure to get their business cards. Then go back to your linkedin profile and add them. Yes, simple.

-Put a picture up. This goes for both Twitter and Linkedin, it ads something when you can see what a person looks like.

The Answers Section!! The most underused, yet powerful tool on the site! It is where the magic happens. This is where people in your field post questions they need help with. They are reaching out for “An Expert”. That expert is you! Get on it, respond, refer, engage, chat it up, etc. This is where networking happens. Questions in my area look like this:


Hope some of these tips help. What are some tools /tricks you use to find a job?

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My Social Media Tools AKA Social Media Tips/Tricks

My Social Media Tools AKA Social Media Tips/Tricks


I owe a lot of blog posts. I owe them to myself. I keep telling myself I am going to blog about this..or that.. or whatchamacallit ( i did like that candy bar). I’ll sit down and my desk to start typing and think “What was that great idea I had for a blog?” It is gone like that. Yep, in one ear and out the other…, this comes as no shock to my wife.She can remember the color of a tie I wore to a wedding over 10 years ago. The name of some random street we drove by one time, in some city we have never been back to since. It is amazing.

As many of you know, I just got my first IPhone. This handy device is amazing. It is one of the simple applications on it that has inspired this post. ( Though my experience with the IPhone is for another blog post, yes I wrote that idea down.)

The Voice Memos. I can not live without it now. The ability to record little messages to myself about things, has changed my work flow. I find myself recording everything so I don’t forget ideas. Things like:

-Blog about this

– Pick up That

-Call Mrs.Whatsherface

I have become Mr. Organized now, thanks to it.

So this got me thinking.. what are some of the everyday “Social Media Tools” do I use that may be worth sharing? I am not going to go into great detail about each tool, as that could be a blog post by itself. I think I will share it with you in list form. As people like lists.

Google Reader: The hands down best blog reader out there. Simply put blog reader brings the blog articles to you. Instead of checking websites all the time for updated content you just subscribe to a RSS feed and it will update the blog reader. For more on this you can read this earlier blog post I did on Google Reader.

Twitter: By now you know all about it. If you don’t, you can read about it here. The key as a social media tool is not only the networking but the content you wade through. The comments you can see, the interactions. The best tools for that I think is Twitter Search and TweetDeck

Xmarks: Now you need to use FireFox to run this addon. Everybody uses Firefox, right? Right? But does everybody use a VPN for Firefox? Well, if people still don’t use a VPN, they should! It is high time, isn’t it? But does everybody know about the best vpn for firefox? In the event, they still lack the knowledge about this, they should start gathering information ASAP! Anyway, this is a bookmark aka favorities addon. It lets me access my bookmarks from any computer. Brilliant, isn’t it? At least it seems fascinating to me, if not to other people.

Stumbleupon: I think I may be alone on this one. Maybe just in the minority. I find stumbleupon to be really successful in driving traffic to my blog vs Digg. The idea behind stumbleupon is that simply put, is that people will look for random links on a subject. It makes recommendations based on the information you give it. Think of it as a changing channels on a radio till you find a song you like.

Ping.Fm: I cant live without it. Lets me post to several social networking sites at one time. So yes, you will see the same post/status on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even Plurk.

GoogleDocs: Who needs Microsoft Office? I can access my documents from any computer and even my phone. You can have several people edit a document at the same time, make notes, whatever. Heck, my wife now does grocery lists for me on it now and makes changes while I am in the store. This is my favorite of all of items on this list, okay maybe not more then Twitter.

Noteworthy sites in no particular order:

Linkedin: The Q & A section is very powerful

Facebook: Ready for this. Every morning I wish people a Happy Birthday on Facebook. Yep, its social networking at its basic. It starts great conversations with people and lets me check in. Werid? Yes. Does it help me network? Yes.

Meetups AkA Tweetups Nope, its not an application. Not a widget. Its real life. Nothing beats face time. I put together meetups and just network. Its the most powerful tool of them all…. and may even get you local coverage

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What Is Your Definition Of Web 2.0?

What Is Your Definition Of Web 2.0?


As the Web2.0 Expo approaches, I got to thinking. What is Web 2.0? Seems to be a pretty easy question right? Some people would say its “1 up from Web 1.0” or its “what comes before Web 3.0”. Well as we know it is not that simply to define. So, as I like to do I reached out to my community with the questions:

“What Is Your Definition of Web 2.0? How do you define it? Are we in Web 3.0?”

Here are some of the great responses I got back.

Matthew Caylor, Account Executive – Interactive at Mid Atlantic Newspaper Services:

I think we have to look at the tools we consider Web 2.0 to define what it is – Between blogs, social networks and constant communication we have seen the tools that bring the Internet to everybody and pull it from the dreary dungeons of its birth. Web 2.0 simplified the Internet and its tools are the resources people now use to adapt it and change it to their use without complex instruction or coding. As for Web 3.0 – I think, much like a period in history, we will not be able to define it or place a particular start point. As the web moves towards a somatic nature, I don’t think we will find a clear breakpoint to declare 3.0. Even though the breaking point has not yet been defined, it is anticipated that it will bring a lot of new things to the table. Web 3.0 might allow us all to be compensated for our time and data. In addition, web 3 might even allow websites and applications to use data more meaningfully and tailor information to each user. As a result, the third generation of the web is one in which you will have personalized interactions with machines and websites in the same way that you would with any other human.

Mike Ruiz, Senior Copywriter at Godrey Q & Partners

An unnecessary buzz word that marketers have used to exploit the natural progression of Internet technology while appearing to have the pulse of the computing world. Nothing saddens me more than to hear a client say, “we want something web 2.0.” since all that really means is they’re looking for rounded corners, gradient buttons, and a couple drop down menus. if anything “web 2.0” should be the realization that the Internet is no longer a one way conversation but a wellspring of content and communities to interact with. in the past, content was the goal of the user. they would find their thing then go outside. but by democratizing the sourcing of information, the user is now the goal for content providers and marketers, retailers, news/information resources and 15 year olds with a camcorder are working as hard and fast as they can for the next way to keep you from closing that link. as far as 3.0, who knows. judging by how the line between on and offline continues to blur we may not have a need for a catchphrase when the new model arrives. people will just call it life.

Charles Juckett, Marketing/PR Consultant

I would define 1.0 as static or read only, 2.0 as interactive, and I believe 3.0 will be characterized as being adaptive. As for being in 3.0 now, I would say that if we looked back on this time from the future, the answer would be yes to on some level. Being there is not accepted definition of 3.0 traits yet however, it is impossible to make that distinction. If “adaptive” does come to be a key trait of Web 3.0, I would look for sites and technologies that allow content, presentation, interaction, and marketing to be molded to the individuals preferences automatically. To a small degree, this already occurs. One example would be the advertising that appears in gmail which are targeted at the individual based on their email.

Tammy Graham, Director Web Marketing Strategies

I have written a couple of blogs on Web 3.0, and yes, I do believe we are evolving into Web 3.0. The third generation of the web, known more popularly as Web 3.0 is one that will be referred to as the “intelligent web”. The intelligent web will incorporate features such as natural language search, data mining with the help of data mining tools, recommendation agents, and artificial intelligence technologies in order to produce a more intuitive user search experience. Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web will be apart of a strategy that will incorporate web development that is designed using machine-readable text. This means that the success of the semantic web is dependent on how people are inputting data, or feeding information to search engines/machines. In order for machines to make sense of information as people do, they need to be programmed with a way to identify not only individual words, but also the concept of the words, and other related words. Once this has been done, new web standards for writing text, and tagging it for keywords that machines can read need to be developed and shared with people who are generating content for the web. Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a language emerging to enable systems to understand a user’s intention, and is the building blocks of the “Semantic Web.” Standards such as RDF are used to define metadata in a machine-readable way that enables machines to integrate distinct data assigning roles and relationships to words that enable the machine to make sense of the association of words as apposed to merely making a relation to words. Web 3.0 is dependent on user generated tagging and linking to information across different platforms, providing context and depth to information online. When proper tags are assigned to content more precise search results are possible and more traffic can

Sjef Kerhofs, Online Marketing Consultant

Web2.0 is just a fashion word that’s confusing for most ‘non-Internet ‘marketeers. So….it’s just a word. What it stands for however, is the change from an static web, to the web of dialog and interaction. This form of web communication brings peoples from all over the world closer together. It makes it possible to find humans on the other end of the world that share the same taste for music for instance! (LastFM). It also gives international companies THE tool to finally communicate between different units in different parts of the world. Web3.0 (or semantic web) is still far far away I guess. Although it would be a great development, I think the main thing we as ‘internetmarketeers’ should focus on is close the enormous gap between internet marketers and ‘normal’marketeers. Most marketeers hardly know AdWords…..so how can you expect them to learn about web3.0 ??

Do you agree? Disagree? What is your definition of Web 2.0?

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Social Media Where Do You Start?

Social Media Where Do You Start?


“Recently I asked a simple question to my community:

“What would be your best advice for someone brand new to social media?”

The response was huge! So here in no particular order are some of the many responses I got!

Gianluigi Cuccureddu, Web Marketing Strategist & Tactician: “Start listening and learning right now.Social Media/participatory marketing is here to stay, start researching how your target audience behaves and how it can help your business to achieve objectives. Start now because these insights aren’t created overnight, it takes time, patience and efforts to learn.”

Roxanne Weber, Principal , Dimension Solutions: “I’ve told business clients in the past to just start out slow. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your social network.
Start with one major social media effort (such as Facebook and/or Twitter), then build that up as best you can. Then move on to the next site; ideally you’ll be able to hook all these sites into one (although this is impossible to do 100%). Lastly, don’t expect connections to come to you – most people with 500+ Twitter followers get them by following others first, or joining groups designed for follow-sharing. In the digital world it is NOT true that “if you build it, they will come”. Like the real world, you have to actively work at building your network following.”

Jennifer Hoffmann, Manager, Customer Engagement for Dow Jones & Company: “Lots of great answers here! If your aim is to specifically build a community around issues relevant to your customers, listen first to what is being said and explore different forums that your customers participate in. Some interesting areas might emerge that you hadn’t considered before. In a funny example, my husband recently became a fan of “bacon” on Facebook. There is an entire fan page devoted to plain old bacon, the pork product. Now wouldn’t it be brilliant if that page were run by Oscar Meyer or Hormel? Unfortunately, I don’t think it is. Simply creating a group doesn’t mean all your customers and prospects will flock to it – start by adding value to other groups and build your network, then ask people to join your party.”

Scott Halstead, Manager, Event Marketing at The Boston Globe:”My best advise is not to be a talker, but respond to the hard work that people put in to pulling information and providing good content. Twitter has attracted some very smart people and given them the opportunity to share ideas, but the best people also comment on other people’s good ideas. For example, if you saw the success of a Truck Advertising NYC campaign on social media, it might be wise to reflect upon that in your own social media space.”

Josh Chernin, GM at Web Industries: “Be as helpful to others as you can. It will come around…”pay it forward”. (I love this one!)

So, what I see as the common theme in most of the responses: Listen and be helpful. I could not agree more!

What is your advice?

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5 Ways To Market Your Brand Online.. Other Then Facebook & Twitter

5 Ways To Market Your Brand Online.. Other Then Facebook & Twitter

Today I received an email from a co-worker that read:


Can you please send me your ideas for getting this client promoted through social media?



This, of course got the hamster wheels in my head turning. What are some social media tools that a brand can use to market their goods? Let us see, we have Twitter, Facebook… Then it hit me. There is a lot of ways to market your brand online, OTHER than Facebook and Twitter. So let us look at some ways a company can market their selves online. I think a good way to answer this would be in list form, as people like lists.


Social Networking Sites: Do not just think Facebook & Myspace! Is that where your potential clients are? Maybe. Yet, there a lot more! Are you looking for Baby Boomers specifically? There is Eons, Boomj, Teebeedee and many more. There are social networking sites done by other companies that you can partner with. Heck the WWE even has a site. There is probably a niche social networking site for almost any target demographic you can think of.


Virtual Worlds: As I posted last week, there is $600 million being dropped into virtual worlds. As every day passes, more and more people are connecting virtually. Companies are creating more event management platforms (refer to this link https://www.goldcast.io/event-management-platform here for reference) to accommodate the growing needs of clients. What is so great about the virtual world you may ask. Well, the answer is pretty simple. When you can access all the features and services within the confines of four walls, who wouldn’t pass up on such an opportunity?

Creating a virtual version of your product seems like a great move. Find a virtual world, there are hundreds (this is list is far from complete or current, but it is a start!) and make your brand something special there! What if you could make a cartoonized version of yourself to interact and market your brand there? Why not allow your Cartoon Avatar to drink a virtual coke with others in the virtual reality? Individuality must be showcased at all costs – be it a business or a person!


Create a Blog: This blog could be about things that “support” the product you want to sell. Let us say you sell diamond rings. Create a blog that shares information about different quality, shape, type, ratings about diamond rings. Best time to buy, events to buy, fun ways to surprise people with them. This blog can help support the goal of sales and give potential clients great reasons to purchase the diamond rings. You can also do something fun like SouthWest Airlines.

nike-logoMobile Application: This is hot, I mean red hot. The mobile application business is booming because of which a lot of companies tend to hire a mobile app design company to create a unique app which stands out. So, why not create an application that supports your brand in some way? This might help in the long run to get more customers to visit your website. Mobile applications are a good way to gain more traction which will in turn help in marketing your product or service. Look at what Nike did! My advice, make it fun and simple. Let people take your brand with them. Oh and if you are an application developer, there is some serious money to be made as Newsweek points out.

YouTube Channel: Same Idea as the blog, just done with video. A great example is the New York Times channel. The great thing about this it has links to channels for the reports and links back to the New York Times site. In a way it feels like your actually on the New York Times site itself.

These are just 5 ideas. There a lot more out there!

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Your Week In Review..Late

Your Week In Review..Late

(This post was started last week but due to some WP problems it did not get posted till today)

The first post of the New Year! I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve.  The Peck kids like to,  well just look at  the aftermath of our backyard..


I think they had quite a good time.  So to start the year of right here are some interesting items you might find of interest, in list form of course, because people like lists.


-You hear me talk about twitter. Its an amazing social networking site. Yet like with anything else you need to be careful when you get strange emails or links. Seems several people have been getting their passwords ripped off in a twitter  phissing scam


– Social Networking is growing like crazy. Everyone from teenagers to adults are joining. As well at the First US Catholic Bishop on Facebook. Seems the Bishop sees the power and influence of Social Networking.  That being said, you need to think about what you post to Facebook. A lot teenagers are forgetting that people actual read what they are posting. Seems that teens are getting busted via Facebook.

-Oh and Facebook set a traffic record on Christmas eve Im guessing there were a lot of Merry Christmas wishes via Facebook.

Im going to keep this sort and sweet, talk to you all next week.

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Let The Social Networking Deadpool begin..

Let The Social Networking Deadpool begin..

Will the cream rise to the top?

Will the companies with a good business model be the ones to survive?

How will this all go down?

In the last two weeks:

Pownce will no longer exist .

Facebook made a play for Twitter.

Are these the signs of what is to come?

Now in all fairness the company was acquired and key employees will move over to Six Apart. This got me thinking, who are the next social networking companies that we will see absorbed?  Will it be Plurk? Brightkite? Tumblr? Identi.ca?

Are these companies even making money?

I took this question to Linkedin, a site I think will survive, and here are some of the responses. I will put them in list form, because people like lists:

Pierre-Loïc Assayag:

“No doubt that there will be many more. Any company that has been caught between rounds of funding and doesn’t have the ability to quickly replace venture money by revenue is in deep trouble.
That said I don’t buy into any of the dooming predictions around social media, quite the opposite, this crisis may well accelerate the transition to a post mass media era and as my grand ma’ told me “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”: those who survive will have figured out ways to build a strong business.”

Octavio Ballesta:

“I don´t think so. Social networks will survive and will grow healthier during the recession.

I envision that most of the social networks sites will disappear due to the high fragmentation of the market and to the difficulty of being profitable for the long term, and that bigger networks will have a strong growth, particularly those social networks oriented to professional themes like Linkedin.

In these times of economic recession where higher rates of unemployment will encourage the intensive development of initiatives of personal branding, tools like thematic blogs and social networks as Linkedin, will be the preferred tools to create a solid reputation in the network that help to these professionals to be hired again.

In the next years Linkedin will prove be even more useful and cost-efficient than any of the typical job boards like Monster or Careerbuilder to search quickly and precisely for talent to be hired. As a consequence of these competitive pressures job boards to remain competitive surely will include in the short term some of the features that are characteristic from social networks in order to enhance their audiences, features, capabilities and customer satisfaction.

Linkedin has the advantage that both recruiters as active and passive job applicants can belong freely to this professional network and propitiate so, different kind of interactions, promote personal branding, share knowledge and achieve visibility.”

Ari Herzog:

“Keep in mind this “recession” was around for a year. Pownce was doomed for failure long before Twitter bought Summize, though Twitter’s popularity helped Pownce’s loss. Tumblr and Posterous will survive; Jaiku is doubtful.

Like others responded, some will stay and some will go. Ultimately it’s about the people. If enough people like something, it will stay. If more than enough people continue to join, the network will innovate, such as Facebook Connect, Typepad Connect, and LinkedIn Applications.

If anything, new tools will be created rather than current ones closing shop.”

What do you think?

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Do Social Networking Sites Belong In The Work Place?

Do Social Networking Sites Belong In The Work Place?

It is time to answer, or at least attempt to answer, a tough question I have received.  Joel Postman, yes the Joel Postman who has a book coming out called SocialCorp; Social Media Goes Corporate, asked me if I think “Large companies should block employees from using Social Networking Sites At Work?” Wow, Joel does not throw softball questions at all.

So, my answer to the question?  Yes, they should allow their employees to have access to the Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Bebo, sites of the world.  The benefits out way the negative claims of loss of productivity. Also, some employees wont work at places that block SocialNetworks.

Since I am for allowing employees to access these sites, I think it would be a good idea to put my reasons why down in list form. People like lists.

-SocialNetworks are a great way for online marketing. Your employees have the name of the place they work right there for the world to see on their Myspace profile. Its free online advertising.

-Imagine  the brain trust. Heave a problem at work? Stuck on something? Ask the question on a social network.  That’s how this blog post came about. I asked my SocialNetwork for blog post ideas

-Think of the business networking. Your employee is on Linkedin and able to network with their peers and customers. Going to the Q & A area of Linkedin can get people thinking. It can get the brain juices flowing.

-Increased customer relationships. Employees will end up adding customers to their SocialNetworks. This will increase the bonds with your clients. “Oh, Mike I saw the cute pictures of your new baby, how cute”. Your employees will get to know their customers better and on a whole new level.

– Lets say your an accountant. There must be a SocialNetwork out there for accounts. Its probably got a forums area where accountants share ideas, thoughts and give/get help. I would want my employees to be part of that.

-Social networking sites are where over 100 million people are worldwide. I would want my company and employees to be there and not my competition. I would want to own that social networking space. Have people go, “Wow that company gets it.”

-If you do not give the employees access, they will find away to get on the sites. I have a friend who works at Visa which does not allow access to sites like twitter. This person has already found a work around to get to twitter on the first day it was blocked.

-Using it can increase your sales and brand recognition.  Look at Zappos. They encourage their employees to be on networks. 

-It will help increase company communication. Serna uses Facebook as their internet.

I think the simple answer here its the way things are going. SocialNetworks are becoming part of everyday routines. Just like reading the news online is common instead of getting a newspaper delivered. Companies need to open up these channels of communication to their employees, while at the same time educating their employees on proper use.  As in everything education is key.

Now before you post comments saying, “My company will lose productivity, I dont know what my employees are doing, etc ” Think about how you can make the SocialNetworks work for you and your company. These are amazing tools that all companies should be using..before their competion does.

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The First Post Is Always The Hardest

The First Post Is Always The Hardest

The first time is always the hardest. I have been going back and forth about what this post should be about. Should I just dive right into talking about New Media or  Social Media? Heck isn’t it all under the same umbrella? Maybe I should start with who I am and what my background is? Nah, that’s all on the About Dave page.  Oh I know I can roll out a huge big post about something cutting edge and exciting in the space! No, its a slow week everyone is heading to Blogworld 2008 anyway. I could list what this blog is about, what I want to accomplish. Hey that’s not bad. Maybe I should do it in list form. People do like lists.

So in no particular order, I give you the goals, hopes, and dreams I want for New Media Chatter:

-For all of us to learn more about this space called New Media. ( I plan on learning from you too!)

-To pass on the tools needed for people to learn how to brand themselves in this new age of social media

-I want to start discussions and conversations about New Media, make us all think.

– To point you to people, websites and events where you can learn more and network with.

-A place where you can come to get the latest trends in the industry.

I hope this is not to deep or mushy for the first post. Heck, I hope I didn’t scare you off, I want you to subscribe to this blog!

So look at that, the first post is over. Great.. now we can get down to business and starting talking about New Media.

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