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The 140 Twitter Conference Is Over…Say It Is Not So!!

The 140 Twitter Conference Is Over…Say It Is Not So!!


So the following comments are my own personal thoughts regarding the 140 The Twitter Conference. They are impartial   and not biased. You may think they could be biased due to the following things, which I will share in list form, as people like lists:

-I was on the “Best Practices: How to be a Twitter God(dess) panel with Tara Hunt and Ijustine.

-LSF Interactive was a Media Sponsor

-There was a press release

-There was a fancy bio about me.

-I well…use Twitter a little..just a little really!

-I got to stand on stage! Here is what it looked like from my point of view:

Okay, so disclaimer is out of the way, now back to the review of the conference.

So instead of me typing up a review about what happened who did what, etc, etc. I thought I would try something different. Ill let the links do the talking…

-Live blogging from #140tc Alex Payne (head of Twitter’s API team)

-The Twitterverse, a map of Twitter tools

-Live blog of the @anamitra keynote at #140tc

-Tara Hunts ” 40 Reasons Why Twitter Rawks”

-Heck here are some more presentation slides

-What I learned at the 140 Twitter Conference

-Pictures..we have pictures

-Mercury News Article

-140tc Search Results

So there you go, seems to have been a pretty cool event. Fingers crossed it happens again next year

If you have any links that I missed, which no doubt I did. Please share them!

P.S. Not sure who to give photo credit to at top. Let me know if it is your photo!


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Twitter, Twitter, Twitter Everywhere…

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter Everywhere…


Here a Twitter. There a Twitter. Everywhere a Twitter. It is like you can not avoid the the tweets posted by those who tweeters. . I mean some may have tweetaholism and become tweetaholics.  Im not going to be tweepish about this, nor should you when you the tweeple who twead this.  Twitter is not for the the tweepish nor a place for tweerboxes. So let me tweet-back to my point.

Well I think you get might point, Twitter is everywhere and being used by everyone. Let me give you a rundown of observations I have made just in the last 24 hours. I will do it in list form, cause people like lists.

-I watched a Desperate Housewives episode on Hulu and Tom Scavo could not get a job cause he did not know what Twitter was.

-There was a post by Domino’s Pizza asking how they can get their brand name on Twitter as someone else has both Domino’s and Dominospizza i.e squatters.

-There is @nakedpizza who uses Twitter to bring in 15% of its daily business according to an Adage article titled “Twitter Proves Its Worth as a Killer App for Local Businesses

-Rumors are that Google will now index Twitter

-There was even a NCAA Recruiting Violation on Twitter!

-Starbucks is going to start marketing on Twitter

-Oh and Patrick Swayze is not dead, no matter what tweeps on Twitter say

So my point. Twitter is big. Its getting bigger everyday.  Then there is this post from today: Social Media Fails To Manifest As Marketing Medium, Report Likens Twitter To TiVo: More Hype Than Reality Ill give you the take away from the article which is:

“Social media has reached critical mass, with 83% of the Internet population now using it – and more than half doing so on a regular basis – according to new research being released today by Knowledge Networks. But for all the media industry’s hype and buzz surrounding social networks, microblogs, and other social networking platforms, the genre has failed to become much of a marketing medium, and in the opinion of the Knowledge Networks’ analysts, likely never will”

I’m not buying it. Not because its what I do to feed my family. Nor am I in denial because on May 26th I will be speaking on a panel at the 140 |Twitter Conference in Mountain View with @ijustine and @missrogue. (like how I did a plug right there? Use discount code: int140tc)

Nor am I saying this because I have the Peninsula Twitter and Facebook Meet-up for June 2009, that I have put together happening at the Four Season in Silicon Valley. (what another plug?)

Look people are watching less tv. If they are they have DVR’s to go past the commercials. There are mp3 players, satiellte radio and sites like Ilike.com that are replacing radio. Newspapers are dying when you can get your news online.

Look, maybe something better will come down the pipe that will blow social media out of the water. Sure, but it is not going away anytime soon.

Okay let me put my soapbox away.


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Things To Think About To Create A Successful Social Media Campaign

Things To Think About To Create A Successful Social Media Campaign


So you want to create a successful marketing campaign using Social Media. I cant say I am shocked as  Forrester Predicts Huge Growth for Social Media Marketing. It seems  every brand wants to get into the social media and mobile area as these areas are  growing like wildfire.

Now, if you came here looking for the  exact secret ingredient into a hopefully successful social media campaign, your at the wrong place. If I knew what that was, I would be rich and famous. Oh and living on the beach with lots of Kindles, super fast wifi , Iphones, and.. sorry back to the blog.  My point was that this is a document I created that  has many items that need to have  answered, so I can come up with a campaign that is hopefully putting out the right message to the  right people. It is made up mostly of questions I want answered by myself, my team or the client. This helps me figure out what the campaign could possible be.

Feel free to suggest items that should be added, removed or tweaked in  the document. (as it is far from perfect)

1. What is the goal?

-Reputation Management
-Brand Awareness
-SEO rankings up
-Increase site traffic
-Increase sales

2.Who is the demo/target we are after? In regards to the demo:

-. Who is likely to be most interested in the content?
- Who does the brand want to communicate with and why?
- What are people currently saying about the brand or business?
- Which type of person is likely to purchase the  product or service?
- What tools or online services does the  target audience use?
- Which websites does the  target audience frequent?
-What dot he  target audience have in common with one another?
- What sites are most popular?
- Where is the brands audience now?
- What is the conversation about the brand now?

3. What are the channels we will need to use?

-We need to take the dynamic content to set up multiple channels that direct traffic and attention to the brand. By doing such things as:

-Can we use people of influence?

(This method can work well along side SEO/SEM)

4. What is The Big Idea?
-Is it relevant
-Is it easy to distribute

5. What does the end user get? (why should they join/interact/engage/spread the mess) It could be:


6. What is our ROI? (may not always direct/immediate)

-Better reputation
-Brand Awareness

Random Questions/thoughts

-Why will people spread the mesage? WOM/talk about the campaign/brand? Is it same as what they get out of it?
-You need to be transparent (the best you can)
-Who will manage it?
-Who is the person who will manage feedback, interact, be the face on sites? They will need to interact on customer/target level.

social media visibility = brand awareness + word of mouth = new customer

The cliff notes version:

-What is the purpose
-What is the reward

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Is Twitter Spreading False Information?

Is Twitter Spreading False Information?

First let me be clear, I know people have died from the Swine Flu. I am in no way taking that lightly, this is a serious issue. Nor am I an expert in the subject of the Swine Flu or anything similar to it.


That being said I was doing some beta testing today on a search application  for a friend and decided to use the keywords “Swine Flu”. I was blown away by what I found. Let me share some of the observations I made. I will do it in list form, as people like lists:

-Its one of the top trending topics on Twitter

-By my estimate the term  it is being used an average of 50 times  ever 5- 10 seconds on Twitter

-Twitter has more updated, current and correct information then any news source…. or does it?

According to posts I have read, the Swine Flu is in:




North Carolina

and almost everywhere

(I was going to repost these tweets, but decided sharing them would be passing on possible incorrect information)

How accurate is the information we are getting, sharing and posting on Twitter? Better yet how about any social networking site?

Now for the states I mentioned there was no link back to a major news source, like CNN, ABC, Fox, etc.  I did check a pretty cool map thing on USA Today that did not show any cases of the flu there as of this post be written. On top of that these posts were being retweeted. A retweet is when someone passes on your post, to share with others. Is Twitter, are we, passing on incorrect information and causing people to be misinformed? Is Twitter causing things like the swine flu to become bigger then they are? Are we using social networking sites to increase panic, hype and  worry where there is no need?

I know Im getting deep and ask more questions then I have answers to.

What are your thoughts? Am I way off and should just chill out?

For what its worth, I do follow the CDC Emergency Twitter, which I believe to be official. It gives links to sites and information that comes from the CDC official webpage.

UPDATE April 26 10:30ish : Before I put this post up on Tuesday afternoon, CNN posted:

Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter

Seems someone else was thinking about the same things as myself.

UPDATE: April 26 12:33: From Todd Scott Macissac Florida Hospital Denies Swine Flu Case Has Been Confirmed hmmm does this mean the person who posted the tweet had inside info?

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TweetDeck…Now With Facebook Status!

TweetDeck…Now With Facebook Status!


Thought I would just share  a quick note with you that the latest Beta version of TweetDeck has Facebook :Friend Status.

I have been playing with it since early this morning. Its pretty cool. It works just as if you were following your Twitter stream. Its pretty awesome. That being said here are a few quirks I have found with it. Let me share them with you in list form, people like lists:

-It seems to only pull your Facebook Account from Explorer, not Firefox

-You can not easily comment on peoples status updated from Facebook in TweetDeck

-Would be nice that after I clear the FB Status, it stays cleared

Other then that, its great!

If you do install it please know it is still in Beta. I have had it crash a few times.


You can download the very early version here

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Jet Blue, Swing and a Miss.. Southwest Airlines Hits A Twitter Homerun

Jet Blue, Swing and a Miss.. Southwest Airlines Hits A Twitter Homerun

WEATHER JET BLUE Cancellations

I am back from SXSW. I had a blast. It was one of the best events I have ever been to. So many familiar faces, so many new faces. Im already looking forward to next year. So, let me tell you about my flight back  from Austin last night.

I arrived at the airport 90 minutes early to bard my Jet Blue flight to San Francisco.  I checked my bag, made it through security without setting off the buzzer. Which is always a good thing.  I waited patiently  for my flight to board, had some food from Salt Lick..waited…got a coke.. waited… waited… The flight was suppose to board at 6:30, leave at 6:56 and nothing.  At around 7:00ish I posted this to twitter:


I quickly got this tweet back from @JetBlue:


Oh and then @JetBlue got this:


Oh and this too:


Okay so you get the idea. I posted a frustrated tweet and got a quick response from Jet Blue via twitter.  Pretty cool, huh?

Well here is where the problem begins and I want to make something clear. My post  is not with the flight being late. Nor the “fix engine light” they were getting. I want them to take alllllllllll the time they need to make sure the plane is working. Check it five times for all I care. I just want to get home in one piece. My post is the lack of communication, service  and the fact that I am disappointed by @JetBlue.  If your going to place your brand on a site like Twitter, you need to be ready to react in a timely manner.  So back to the story with pretty twitter pictures.

So then I went to add @JetBlue. I couldn’t… I was blocked by them for some reason. I was a blocked user. So I posted these tweets:




Seems for some reason I couldn’t follow them to send a DM as they asked. Now this might be where the story ends, then I posted this:


Anyone want to bet what happened next? Right! I got this:tweet9

That is right! @southwestair who was at SXSW, at around 9:00ish at night, with very little mobile internet service,  was trying to help me! So after some Direct Messaging chatting and such it came to this:


So how awesome was Southwest Airlines? Offering to help, giving me flight options, even offering help the next day if I was stuck!  I was not even flying their airline! Oh and what about @JetBlue?


They did get back to me 5 minutes before we boarded with this Direct Message:


So my point here? Twitter is about real time customer service if your a brand. It is not about posting links all the time, cool videos or such. It is about dealing with your customer and creating positive brand awareness at that moment.   If you are a company, you see an unhappy customer out there,  you need to move quick  and communicate! @JetBlue could of said “got your tweet, will follow up soon” something to let me know they were working on it. Something..just let me know you have not forgot about me. Cause if you do not  your competition will do this:


Or worst..  people will talk about your brand on Twitter like this:




You Get the idea. Oh, here is a video I made while this was all going on..I did not even get into the TV issue, how the Jet Blue folks do not know about their Customer Service on Twitter,(it would of been cool  if they knew a little something about it) oh and check out the end where a passenger mentions  the headset issue. Oh and yes.. this was my first trip on Jet Blue.

So I did make it home about 3 hours later then planned..in one piece.  Oh and get this, two ladies say to me in the airport “Are you Dave Peck? We have been following you on Twitter.” Pretty cool huh? Things like that still blow my mind!

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Skittles Gets Social Media!

Skittles Gets Social Media!


What is all the buzz about in the last 24 hours?

Why  is Skittles getting coverage on




-LA Times

-Wall Street Journal

It is the top trending subject on Twitter

So what did Skittles do?



So, in short Skittles took their website and turned it into one big Social Media site. The homepage is nothing but a mashup of social media sites.  The most popular is the  twitter feed that shows anyone who uses the word Skittles.  The thing to keep it mind, as far as I can see, is it has no filters. So you can say anything you want. It can be a positive comment about the Skittles brand. It can be a negative comment about the Skittles brand.  Seems to me Skittles is just “putting it” out there and letting it happen.

That is not all they have done. They have created a:

-Facebook Fan page for Skittles

-YouTube Page

-Flickr Page


Again I can locate no filters on any of those pages. You can say, post, create anything you want on these pages and they become part of the Skittles corporate website.

You access the pages on the Skittles page by clicking the options on this logo:


I have to say to Skittles, way to go! Its amazing and gutsy what they have done. They are putting their brand out there to take both positive and negative comments from their customers. That is engagement right there for you. They have done something amazing in my opinion. They have reached out to where their customers are. They are engaging with customers with the tools they are using. As well as joining the communities their customers are in. This can become a very powerful way to engage with customers. Some numbers for you:

-The Skittles Facebook Fan Page has over 585,000 fans

-The Youtube Channel has over 26,500 views

-Flickr has over 16,500 items

Not bad…

What are your thoughts about the new Skittles Homepage and its use of Social Media sites?

UPDATE: Skittles has moved the Twitter feed to the back and now features the Facebook Fan Page. This is due to the spam it is getting. Read more here:

Bad Jokes Force Skittles To Dump Twitter For Facebook

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Your Week In Review

Your Week In Review

Alright lets get right into and see what has been going on this week shall well? Good you agree…


-What is Social Media? I get that question a lot. I do my best to explain it and help people understand it. I think Louis Gray did an amazing job with his post What Social Media Is and What Social Media Is Not


-How is Social Media factoring into the upcoming Inauguration? A lot! Facebook and CNN have partnered up for it. The CNN.com page will use Facebook Connect to allow people to update their status watch video live, chat and much more. Read more about it here


- Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.. most people still look at me weird when I talk about it, or maybe I get those weird looks all the time.. but people are flocking to Twitter. In 2008 it grow by 752%! Read about it here!

-Let me know if I missed anything you think is worth mentioning, if so please put it in the comments with a link!

Sorry I don’t have a lot this week.. Its been tough starting this Biggest Loser contest at my gym. Though I have been making videos to allow me to at least laugh at it. If you so care to watch here is a link to all of them and the one from Day 4:

Have a great weekend!

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People Are Talking…Are You Listening?

People Are Talking…Are You Listening?


Today a friend reached out to me.  She works for a very big, well know company. She asked me a simple question.

“How do we monitor our brand online?”

My response was “You guys get it!”. She responded with a very puzzled tone (as my wife does to me a lot) : “We do?”

“Yes, you do” Your company is taking the first step of looking into what people are saying about your brand online and learning how to deal with brand monitoring”

Okay, so enough of my little cut scene from a conversation. Let me give you some links to tools and resources that help companies monitor what people are saying online about them. We will do it in list form, as people like lists:

-Twitter Search which use to be called Summize before Twitter bought it. You simply type in keywords and you can see people who have used that word in a tweet.

-Social Mention searchs Google blog search, Delicious, FriendFeed, Digg, Twitter, Youtube and such and puts it into a nice package for you.

-Google Alerts An amazing tool by the folks at well, Google. Put in keywords and it will send you alerts when people use those words. This searches Google so we are talking about anywhere on the web that Google indexes, which is well, almost everywhere.

-Backtype allows you to search blog comments.  Users need to register and it will monitor the url you put in the chat. Then pulls all the comments back to one place for you to search.

-Yacktrack monitors lots of different social networking sites and allows you to see which sites your brand is being mentioned on vs another.

These are just some of the several tools that are out there. If there are some I have missed, please post them in the comments so I can add them to an updated list.

I used the term brand and keyword when writing this post. What is it you should be monitoring when following your brand? I think you should look at:

-Company Name

-Your Product

- Competition

-Your Company Executives (and your competitions)

- Clients

All right now, get out there and see what people are saying about you!

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What is Twitter?

What is Twitter?

“Are you on Twitter?’

“Have you heard of Twitter?”

” Blah, Blah, Twitter, Blah, Twitter?”

I recently was asked a great question by the twitter Indie Radio Chattanooga.  It was simple and direct.

“Why Do People Flock To Twitter?”

What is the reason  that over 3,000,000 people so far are heading to this site? Whya re companies like  ReutersApple, and  Southwest Airlines using it?

Lets break this down into 2 parts. What is Twitter and instead of asking why do people flock to Twitter, lets ask the  question of how people are using it. . Now I am thinking we do this in list form, because people like lists.

What is Twitter?

- Twitter is simply put a social networking site that allows you to post in messages in under 140 characters. This is sometime referred to as micro blogging.

-These updates or tweets as they are called on the site allow the user to share messages, status updates, what they are doing  to anyone who has opted in to get them.

-Members can get these updates via the twitter website, an RSS feed, text message, email, a number of applications including  Facebook, and so on.

Why Do People Use Twitter?

(or as my wife would say”Why in the world do people care what your doing?”

-Networking: Its a great way to meet people. If your in a niche business you can easliy find people who have the same interests.

-Marketing: I don’t just mean big companies like Coke, Southwest and such. I’m talking about branding and marketing your self. Your putting yourself out there for all to see. I get a lot of business by just being on Twitter and talking about what I am doing and learning in regards to social media.

-Stream of Information: I seem to be getting breaking news and information on Twitter before most news sources. Great example was when the last earthquake hit the Bay Area. It was all over Twitter a good 10 minutes before CNN had it as breaking news.

-Its fun! You meet all kinds of people from all over the world. You can find someone to chat about something!

I highly recommend that if you have not checked out Twitter you should give it a try.  Its a great simple, straightforward site. There are many ways to “cross post” which means typing a single status message and have it show up in other social networking sites like: Facebook, Plurk, MySpace, Linkedin and such.  If you have questions about these tools, feel free to ask me.

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